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Bethlehem Steel - couple more photos.

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  • Bethlehem Steel - couple more photos.

    Bethlehem Steel played a major role in producing items for America's military. At one place in the old part of the factory complex, not too far from the furnaces, there was a building that was used to make long objects that could not be produced horizontally - building was called the High House and IIRC, it was built during the teens. Photo is not mine of the outside of this building.

    Inside on the ground floor, this was the electric winch used to raise and lower items into the vertical furnace just behind it.

    One of the primary items that were manufactured in the High House were gun barrels - really big gun barrels. I think we guesstimated that this was a 12 inch barrel.

    There was also evidence of armored plate tests. Think this piece was five or six inches thick. Can only imagine the velocity of that piece that embedded itself...

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    Wonderful, Patrick; 'keep 'em coming. ​​​​​​​ BP
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      Patrick did you see the yard engine in the mile long building? As far as i know it is still there. I also have pictures that were published in the Allentown Morning Call of the last furnance being shut down. It was over Thanksgiving weekend when that occurred.
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        Originally posted by Avantidon View Post
        Patrick did you see the yard engine in the mile long building? As far as i know it is still there.
        We drove into Machine shop #2 (?) but I do not remember exactly what was in there - I know most of buildings were already pretty empty - have some more photos but don't remember any yard engines.