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Such an odd month of May!

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  • Such an odd month of May!

    This is weird.

    Having lived in Indianapolis or its immediate vicinity for the last 58 years, this year's solitude from no "Month of May" Indianapolis 500 Mile Race is eerie.

    By now, days before the 500 Festival Parade and 500-Mile Race the following day, the area would be in full party mode with daily activities at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and associated events dominating every local news cycle.

    Not this year; one news station showed camera views from around the track the last couple days and it might as well be January 5 with no snow on the ground; there could be tumbleweeds blowing across the track and no one would notice, it looks so deserted!

    Strange times indeed. BP
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    Very strange. I live in DC and have become a Nationals fan since moving here. I went to each round of the playoffs and caught a world series game. I'd have been to a few games already this year and even went to spring training to see the Cubs and visit a friend in Arizona in March. But as we approach June, the Nationals still haven't unveiled the banner and are just now going to be handing out the World Series rings on Sunday. It really stinks! I feel lucky to have been to 4 baseball games this year as I'm one of the few people in the world to have been able to see any games in person this year. I really hope racing and baseball gets going soon!


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      Your post put me in mind of my good friend and local Stude fanatic, Steve Miller, from right here in Mexico. Aside from owning well over 100 Studes, he restores vintage race cars. For at least the last 25 years he has been restoring every existing A.J. Watson Indy car for a customer. He tries to have one ready to deliver to the owner at Indy every year. With all the quarantining I haven't talked to him in months, but he must be crestfallen.
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        I started out listening to the race at home with my Dad. When we moved to Greencastle I was about 11. We started going to the race or first day of qualifications. I have listenend or watched or attended Pole day or the race every year excepting a few for the last 60 years. One year i was out of the country. In recent years once I missed as I had a new hip. I am looking forward to it in the fall (right?).
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