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Awesome B52 Stratofortress Footage

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  • Awesome B52 Stratofortress Footage

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    You always come up with some of the best aircraft videos for us to see.
    Say hi to Sonja
    Thanks so much

    Bob Miles


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      Thank God, they're on OUR side! Always thought seeing a group of B-17's flying over was impressive! But these are something else!!

      Thanks for posting.

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        Growing up in California's Central Valley, it was routine when passing through the Merced-Atwater area on Hwy99 to always see these in the air, practicing takeoffs and landings from Castle AFB. Now Castle Air Museum, some of these birds went directly from flying to being exhibits.
        Wonder how some of the pilots feel flying a craft more than twice as old as they are!
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          On the ground in SEA we had to be a minimum of 3,000 meters from their strike zone. We knew when they were coming but could not hear or see them but sure knew when the Arch Light strike occurred as ground would shake and thundered roared. The after math is extremely hard to explain as it was devastating.
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            That is awesome. I've always heard that the B52 was called (amongst other names like BUFF) "The Big Stick" which pretty much fits. At an airshow years ago at Andrews AFB (now Joint Base Andrews) there was a B52 alongside a B1B...the B1 was sleek and beautiful but the B52 was simply so impressive and had a aura of pure muscular power about it. The B52 aircraft in the fleet are scheduled to still be operational until about 2040...or about eighty years of service to our nation.

            Listening to them and other military aircraft isn't so much loud as the sound of freedom.
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              When I was in Nam we were told there would be a B-52 at noon the next day about a half mile from our location. The next
              day at noon we were standing around looking for the B-52 when all of a sudden the ground started to shake as Avantidon
              said and the dust started to fill the air. It didn't take long for us to find cover. At what altitude do they fly when they drop
              their bombs?


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                Last year, my buddies and I went on one of our mid-week motorcycle rides (Geezers on Beemers). We stopped for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. In the parking lot, was a few other BMW bikes. Before going in, I exchanged my helmet for my USAF Vietnam Veteran cap. One of the other BMW riders came up to me and asked me about when I was in NAM? I responded 1967-68. He let me know he piloted B52's out of Guam & Thailand. I said, "OH, so You're the GUY!" You're the guy who would startle me awake at 3:AM as my bunk would start vibrating across the concrete floor! I thought I was being funny...but he was ready for me. Without hesitation, he quipped... "OH...if I had known you were there...I would have bombed more politely!"

                We went on to enjoy our meal and had great fellowship & conversation. We acknowledged how great to live in a country where two people with such diverse backgrounds and rank...him a Colonel, and me a lowly Sgt., could meet and fellowship as equals so many years later.
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                  I grew up 15 miles due east of the Plattsburgh, NY air force base and they were flying B52's out of that base in the 1950's and 60's, so we saw them all of the time. I'm sure Plattsburgh was a prime target for the Soviets and we used to go through the duck and cover drills in the elementary school I attended (like it would do any good, our school was a 100 year old three story wooden structure directly downwind of the airbase). It's hard to believe the B52's are still in service, the school has since been torn down and replaced by a modern brick structure. Hopefully Russia has taken Plattsburgh off the nuclear hit list as the air base has been closed for many years now.
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