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Pleasant Surprise - Walmart Pickup

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  • Pleasant Surprise - Walmart Pickup

    Because Judy's sister is in poor health and she spends a lot of time caring for her, we are not fond of milling around in grocery stores or any place else for that matter.

    Received an email from Walmart about curbside pickup - and delivery also - so I decided to do a little on-line shopping today.

    The site scheduled me for tomorrow about noon and I wandered about picking groceries and a couple of other items. The site responds quickly, there are a large variety of items and the site is easy to navigate. There's a limit of two items but that just good resource management to me.

    Made all my purchases from packaged meats to fresh fruits. Paying was easy and they said I could amend the order until 1:45 AM tomorrow.

    It's nice to see a large and necessary company respond quickly to the changing environment so I'm posting here so maybe others in our age group can take advantage of these options.

    I'll see when I pick it up tomorrow but so far it's an excellent option.