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    Well then, I've got some news for ya'll concerning my father. As it turns out, the "stomach bug" he picked up was actually a particularly nasty strain of pneumonia. His doctor at the hospital told him he should have died, as it was the nastiest case the hospital had yet seen. However, while he is now cured of that, he has another aliment. CANCER. Two separate types to be precise: lymphoma AND leukemia. He is expected to be discharged from the hospital this Friday. My uncle Jerry, who's a priest over a whole parish over at Boca Raton, has been relieved of duty by the local bishop. For that reason, he's going to be staying with my dad as a temporary caretaker. I'll join him. My dad was always proud of me for my stoic attitude towards emergencies. It doesn't do anyone good to panic.
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    'Sorry to hear that, Jake. All the best. BP
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      Sorry to read of this. All of my best to you and your father.
      I am scheduled for surgery at my bladder next Wednesday. I am expecting that it may be postponed because of the current virus situation loading up hospitals and medical staff. Cathy and I have both survived cancer. I am not saying this to lessen your father's situation and do not want you to take it as a me-too. He is much younger than Cathy and I are and he has a good chance of fighting this.
      Gary L.
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        So very sorry to hear that. I pray your dad finds the strength for whatever is to come. My youngest brother has stage IV colorectal cancer and, sometimes, there are just no words. Spend as much quality time with your dad as possible, you will never regret it.
        Joe Hall


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          Jake, I hope everything turns out best for your dad. He's young enough where he should hopefully beat the cancer. Just don't let him neglect regular checkups afterwards.



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            Sorry to hear that Jake. I hope things work out for the best. He'll appreciate that strong support from you and your uncle.
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              Great attitude. Sorry to hear about your father but your attitude and demeanor will be greatly appreciated by him. It's hard to explain but to see your son/daughter stand strongly in difficult situations is a great feeling for a father.

              Hoping for the best, Bob


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                Sorry to hear the update, Jake. All of our thoughts and best of luck are send your way. Focus on the important things and keep a positive attitude.
                "Every man I meet on the street is superior to me in some respect, and from that I can learn."
                R.W. Emerson


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                  Jake, being a cancer survivor myself and losing a brother to cancer, I am very sorry to hear this news about your father. The very word "cancer" can be scary, but many recover. I hope your father is one of them. Remember, being stoic can be a virtue on your part but don't hold back your feelings. Let your father know he is being encouraged by your Studebaker community.
                  Ed Sallia
                  Dundee, OR

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                    Good thoughts and well wishes from Western Canada for your Dad to beat this latest setback. Your stoic attitude and positive demeanor will be a real winner for your father as he will be relying on you in his time of need.
                    Best of luck,
                    Bill & Sonja


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                      Jake - I'll add your pop to my daily prayer list!
                      Yes, tell him Stude friends care - even ones he's not met yet.


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                        Jake I am sad to hear about your father.

                        John S.


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                          Originally posted by tomnoller View Post
                          Jake - I'll add your pop to my daily prayer list!
                          Yes, tell him Stude friends care - even ones he's not met yet.
                          Same church group has a prayer list and most of the folks on that list receive prayers from their local church family. Here,(this forum) your father will benefit from prayers internationally.

                          It is one of the benefits of a worldwide forum and the SDC allowing us to have this stovehuggers section of our forum.
                          John Clary
                          Greer, SC

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                            Heavy stuff... I sure hope your dad makes it!
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