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  • System restore..?

    My wife's computer "updated" on its own and she lost a bunch of files and photos. Fortunately, she's backed important things up on a thumb drive, but why is it when these automatic changes happen, as they have to my computers, it's more a headache than anything else? I've had to do a system restore on mine a few times, because the new and improved version of Windows wouldn't recognize my wifi connection.
    I'm doing the same to her computer now, to a date from last month in hopes she can recover what's been lost.
    Is it too much to ask Microsoft to use their brains and NOT wipe files, photos and programs out when they decide your system needs an upgrade?
    I know, I know... get a Mac.

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    Updating on a Mac can also create headaches like that but automatic backups on iCloud can save the day.


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      I work with broadcast gear and unattended Windows updates can easily take a station off the air in the dead of night. I assume you're using Windows 10? Here's a good tutorial on how to disable Win10 automatic updates:

      Of course, disabling automatic updates does not mean you should neglect to apply critical updates when needed. You'll need to keep tabs on when new patches move (and Windows Defender signature files, which are sent each month). It's something else to remember to do, but you get to do updates on YOUR terms - not Redmond's.

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