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I found a neat old lighter

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  • I found a neat old lighter

    Well, I was at an antique store in Reno not too long ago and I happened upon this mid-century beauty. It is evidently a mid 1960s Ronson Varaflame butane lighter. It's currently non-operational, but I plan to give it to my grandpa anyway as a cool little gift. I couldn't find much information about Ronson or the Varaflame here on the Internet, so does anyone have some information they would like to share with me? Thank you!

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    Originally posted by Stude Shoo-wop! View Post
    I couldn't find much information about Ronson or the Varaflame here on the Internet, so does anyone have some information they would like to share with me?
    Ronson has been around for a long time; perhaps even predates Zippo. Their earlier lighters were not butane, but used the same liquid fuel used in Zippos. Ronson called theirs Ronsonol.

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      In the pre-disposable lighter days when much of the population smoked, Zippo was the leader and Ronson was a close second in refillable lighter sales.

      You need a Zippo or a Ronson with Studebaker advertising on it for your collection:



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        I used to pass the Ronson factory all the time , Its right along the Garden State parkway Northbound near Westfield , They had a large tank outside that was painted to look like a Ronsonol refill cartridge , I don't know if its still there , Ed


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          My dad always carried a Zippo lighter on him when he smoked. He had a Ronson as well and really liked its shape and how it fit in his hand. He kept a can of Ronsonol lighter fluid and spare flints in a kitchen cupboard. Boy this brings back some memories from the '50s and '60s.
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            My Dad had a Zippo that lasted him through WWII. After he died I declared it to TSA before we flew home. When we arrived the lighter was confiscated. I wrote TSA HQ that someone "stole" my father's lighter after I told them that it had been declared and transported the way that TSA told me to transport it. Because it was old and interesting it was also worth someone deciding that it needed to be in their pocket. My very direct letter about TSA procedures to TSA HQ including the names of those who told me how to transport it resulted in it being returned. At first I was told that it was lost and could not be returned. I gave it to my son who cherishes it. Somethings ARE worth not rolling over and accepting the standard response.
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