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  • Respect Our Vets
    Dave Lester

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    It sounded like Sam Elliott was describing the first few minutes of the movie "Saving Private Ryan." I spent a couple of years in the Army in the early '70s but fortunately never had to serve during a combat situation. Thank God for all of our combat vets who are all heroes in my book....

    Phillip is buried in Louisville next to the graves of my wife's parents. He died in Vietnam a month before his 20th birthday which was also the same month that I got my driver's license. When I think of all I've done since then that he's missed out on it's very depressing. My wife brings flowers to the cemetery several times a year to put on the graves of her parents and she always removes one flower from the vase to put on Phillip's grave. May he rest in peace....

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      Let me tell you about a war hero I had the honor of knowing for 50 years of my life. This fellow took his tank driver training in Fort Knox learning to operate Sherman tanks. This fella had two tank was he driving destroyed by the Germans. The one tank that was destroyed the Germans shot all the that got out of the tank leaving all for dead. This fellow was the only one who lived out of the crew that was shot . This hero received two Purple Hearts. He was also a guard at the war crimes trials in Germany at the end of WWII. The only time I witnessed this person cry is when I got on the plane to depart for Vietnam in August 1969. This hero is MY FATHER who passed away nearly 20 years ago who is still missed by me.

      John S.


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        Thanks to all you veterans out there.
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