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Trinitron goes to the dump

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    Originally posted by 8E45E View Post

    Back then, things were able to be fixed, and repair parts were cheap, or at least reasonable.

    Most of all the new stuff on the market now is NOT exactly 'user serviceable', especially with solid state electronics governing their operation. Everything from cars to stoves to furnaces to vacuum cleaners all have circuit boards, which is what often quits working. And a replacement circuit board can be 85% as much as the cost of a whole new unit, not to mention, lack of availability as they cost so much, even wholesale, where no supplier is going to keep one 'in stock' on the shelf. A few years ago, someone I work with had the circuit board on his 5-year old Frigidare cooktop die, and was told a one-week delivery time. With two young kids and a wife who would not put up with a cooktop out of operation for a week, he ended up replacing it.

    Agree, Craig -- but most of our appliances are so old that they're still repairable. We don't watch much TV, so we never had a TV that was too big and heavy for me to be able to pick it up. A relative gave us a used flat screen a few years ago, so our 19" RCA got downgraded to the bedroom. I bought a couple of those D-to-A converters ten years ago when the feds were subsidizing them, so we're good.
    Skip Lackie


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      Consider this..........35 years ago my mom sold her house and moved to a child I delighted in watching her use a "Farnsworth"(sp) radio/78 record player that she and my dad purchased when they married in 1940. Before the house was sold I hauled that monster out of the basement and transported it to a fellow who fixed all tube stuff and who assured me he could restore the electronics part, I on the other hand would be restoring the wood cabinet. Any way I get this monster to his store and he 'politely" tells me that upon looking at it he had decided to pass on the restoration !! And mind you we had discussed this repair in great detail!. Having no place to bring the radio back to, I sadly had to abandon it in a nearby RR parking lot. I hope someone found it and was able to do it justice.


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        LOL............still have 700 Lps, 100 45s, 70 reel to reel tapes, about 200 cassettes, 100 or so CDs, and working machines to play and enjoy all of them Yo!