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    Thanks guys for such additional information. As shared, Crown Tire in NJ is open to removing and replacing all the tires (spare included) on both my 64 Avanti R2 and 64 Super Hawk R1 with the Cooper tire. Also, the pair I have on my 63 GT Hawk which I bought maybe a year + ago, are perfectly white. What a shame about lack of quality control, as those are really nice tires both in appearance and certainly performance.
    Ill keep you posted once I get the new Cooper tires and how they look


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      I will admit that I have always thought the money spent on premium tires was money well spent.
      For many years my Avanti rode on Parelli tires when they made a great tire called the P-400 white wall in 205X75X15 size. I tossed them due to their age.
      I have sadly discovered that Michelin tires develop side wall crack/splits within 4-5 years. The car now rides with "Defender" Michelin's....and sure as the sun rises, the side wall is full of small splits. Guess I will have to toss the tires soon, human life is too precious to worry about the cost of tire replacement.....just have to factor in this cost as the price of old car ownership. For those members that are in Joyzee, consider Bobby's car repair in Middletown, NJ on Route 35. Honest great work and he loves Studebakers!!...and if you get hungry across the street is The New Monmouth Diner.........the owner Manny is a legend in Joyzee for his classic cars!!


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        If I ever get my '53 running again, its going to need new tires (they are ~17yrs old I think !!!!). Any rate, the ones on it I always noted that 1 of them would get a brown/dirty looking whitewall a lot easier than the other 3. Cleaning it with Westleys would help a lot but it would never get as white compared to the others so there is something different about that tire.

        Jeff in ND