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Aeroquip "startlite" oil hose question

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  • Aeroquip "startlite" oil hose question

    Some of you folks are into racing stuff and may have encountered this type of hose....

    A note on this site that sells Aeroquip "startlite" hose and fittings says to not use it on clamped barb fittings. I will try email the vendor too about this.

    Back story:

    Last trip to the farm a few weeks ago, I was brush mowing with the 1989 Belarus tractor and while I was unhooking the mower to put stuff away my last day there, I suddenly heard a hissing noise (engine is idling). Walked around the tractor to find the source of the noise and there is copious amounts of oil dripping off the front axle. Closer look I see oil is spraying onto the inside of the grill and running down! Yikes, and I jumped in the cab and shut it off. I removed the grill and some investigation found a 3" section of hose that went from a hard line to the oil cooler in front of the radiator that did not look too good. After getting that off I could see it was full of cracks on the outside and slitting it lengthwise I found a crack that went all the way through. No doubt this was the source of the oil geyser.

    This chunk of hose was not original as it had NAPA markings on it, so my late Dad must have replaced this before, probably in the 1990s. There are 2 more short sections of probably this same type hose in the oil plumbing around the oil cooler so my thinking is they should all be replaced.

    Its a good thing this let go where and when it did, as if I had been out mowing there is no way I would have heard the oil spraying and probably not been able to see the oil from the cab and would not have noticed the oil pressure gauge drop when it ran out of oil....

    The problem is this is 14mm ID metric hose. I googled for way too long trying to find any oil hose that size or the essentially same size ID 9/16". The old NAPA hose Dad put on there is almost certainly 1/2" that was stretched onto the barbed steel pipes and the failure spot was right by the end where it was stretched so I would like not to repeat this and get the right sized hose. Preferably something "fresh" as opposed to some old stock. The Belarus tractor parts US warehouse shows this hose, but based on other parts I have got from them is probably 20+ years old.

    Any rate, I found this Aeroquip -10 sized hose as above that may work (ID is 9/16") and I also don't have to by like 20ft of it either. BUT, I noticed this claim it should not be used on barb fittings with clamps. Why would this be? Is is super stiff and cannot be stretched over the barb?

    Any insight or suggestions on alternate hose sources appreciated. I have tried dozens of parts sites for auto, racing, industrial, etc. and 14mm or 9/16" ID oil hose seems to be rare.

    BTW, I found some unknown origin length of 1/2" ID hose in the shed that I put on the tractor as a temporary measure just to drive it back to the shed it normally stays in as otherwise it would be setting outside the door of the mower shed yet. It was a tough stretch to get it over the barbs. I put in nearly 2qts oil and not sure its back to full yet! The oil was really spraying out of there!

    Jeff in ND

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    I know it's a long shot but, perhaps Jim Turner can help with suggestions.
    Hr produces the pressure hoses for brakes and oil pressure lines, and might be able to suggest a source for those sizes.
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      Hi Jeff The aeroquip hose really is sold as a 'system' usually used in aircraft fuel and oil systems. sed in heavy trucks for everything from fuel to air brakes. The fittings are made so as to grip the outside of the hose and then the inner part is threaded in to expand the hose. both the inner and outer parts are threaded and they really get a grip for sure. Usually used in situations where faiure is not an option.

      How ever they are rated for 4-500 lbs pressure and I doubt if the oil cooler on the tractor ever see's 60 or so. So for what its worth I have used aeroquip hose on barbed fitting with clamps foryears and have had no problems use the fabric covered kind not the stainless and I think you will find it will work fine. If you have a local heavy truck supply house I suspect they will have it on a reel and you can buy whatever amount you need . DMc