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Of Trombones and Triumphs

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  • Of Trombones and Triumphs

    No Studebaker connection today, but the tale of how I traded a "slide and spit valve to drift and overhead valve" - a swap of my trombone for a Buick-battered '55 Triumph TR-2:

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    Fun! I also am infected with British sports car disease and am currently angling on picking up a TR4 that belongs to a friend who hasn't driven it in about a decade. Thanks for the story!
    Dean Seavers
    Sacramento, CA


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      When you played the trombone did you like/use the F extension? Old's horns of that era weren't bad instruments, though I preferred the King's. My daughter has her music degree's (also a trombonist, and a good one at that) and she plays an Edwards ($$$). Musical instruments like auto's have come a long way over the years. Glad you made a good deal for that Triumph and got lots of enjoyment out of it. Bill


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        If any one on here needs any specialist parts from the uk, send me an email and I will try to help you. Personally I could never afford anything in the TR range but I had a few Spitfires and a Mark 2 GT6. Long time ago now, and sadly there are not too many around, although there is one at the end of the road!


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          Cool story, thanks! It's especially meaningful to me since I have a powder blue TR3A that has been in my family since 1965. My brother got it as a high school graduation present, and he drove it hard and put it up wet . But it's very solid, has some poor previous repairs in the back and the only rust is in the drivers side rocker. The neatest thing about this car is the hand crank -- Packard5687, you wouldn't have needed to be picky about parking spaces if the hand crank had still been with your TR2!
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