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Another non-Stude car story

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  • Another non-Stude car story

    While I don't believe cars are sentient beings, I do get attached to them and try to treat them well. So selling one is always an enotional experience.

    I recently sold the 1977 Camaro that I used as a daily driver from 1986 to about 1996. Just a base model, with a 305/2-bbl and automatic. I prefer stick shift, but bought it from a classified ad when marriage troubles triggered an immediate need for new wheels. It's hard to describe how good that car was to me. It never failed me in any way, and except for spark plugs, brake pads, a water pump, and an alternator, never needed anything. The trans finally started slipping in high gear at about 125K, so I got the original one rebuilt by Jasper. It was the date-car for my now-wife and me during our courting period, and we made about a dozen trips between DC and Maine in it. With a 2.56 rear axle ratio, it was a great high-speed cruiser.

    I have/had three other Camaros (all with stick shift), and the 77 didn't get driven much any more. As I get older, I'm driving all of them less, and came to the conclusion that I needed to thin the fleet. The 77 was the obvious choice as the first one to go. So I ran an ad in Hemmings and got several inquiries. But then I got a call from a man in northern California who simply said "I'll buy your car." He had owned a 77 Camaro at one time, sadly sold it, and now wanted another one -- and he wanted to drive it from DC to California. So I made sure the fluids were all topped off, checked the air pressure in the tires, and swapped out the mini-spare tire for a full-size rally wheel and tire.

    He flew into DC on the redeye and showed up at our house at about 10:00 AM on a Friday morning. Cash and keys were exchanged, the title was signed, hands were shaken -- and off he went. Five days later I got an email from him letting me know he had made it home. It included the following: "The only problem I had was keeping it under 80. Seemed like every time I looked down there she was. Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your memories with your car and I assure you She will be well taken care of as I begin my memories with her."

    Happy endings are great.
    Skip Lackie

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    Great story. It's always a little easier to let things go when you know that will be going to a new home that will take care of them. Now you have room for another Studebaker! LOL