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Hemmings ranks best and worst states to own a classic car in...

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    Originally posted by Jeff_H View Post
    Right, I don't get how they claim 7mo of good weather for MN and 8mo ! for N Dakota.
    I do not think the other end of the spectrum has that much weight as well - during July & August in Central Texas, the average high is in the mid-90s - not every classic car/truck has AC so driving during those times can be pretty 'dedicated.' Then again, I also remember 112 on one day in the second week of September - so it spills over both ends...


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      Originally posted by 50Champ View Post

      MN is #1 and KY is #2. CA is #49 and MA is #50. Where is your state?
      My California (#49) neighbor of 15 years (a Minnesota (#1) native) moved back there when he retired. He had a pole barn full of 426 Wedge Mopars and the like. Now I know (in part) why.

      And it isn't just about collector cars either. He bought a brand new truck (in Arizona) and put Minnesota plates on it as in 18 months he was moving back there permanently. California plate reader cameras caught him and sent a registration bill for over $900! He parked the brand new truck in his backyard for 6 months and trailer towed it to Minnesota. As he said he wasn't looking to be "Robbed."
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        Arkansas came in at number 3, but it might not fare that well on another assessment. Because of the large number of people registering cars used everyday as antiques the law has been altered. The main thing is that just being 25 years old does not qualify for antique tags. The sales tax on amounts $4,000 can be a bad deal. With state, county and city taxes, I paid 8 1/2 per cent sales tax on my pickup. Still for cars as old as any Studebaker, it is not bad.
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