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  • Sounds of the drag strip...

    I started a thread about old drag strip stickers on the family's '51 Starlight (https://forum.studebakerdriversclub....ers-old-school) - now I can imagine it going down the strip with a record I found at Half-Priced-Books.

    Record came out in 1963. Narrator points out how drag racing got started and how it all works. He also mentions that drag racing is the fastest growing spectator sport in America. Side one has sounds from stock cars up to the dragsters. Even the sound of a "mishap" - Willys coupe blows up a supercharged Chrysler. Last sound on side one is Mickey Thompsons twin engined rail job - announcer says he ran a 10.7 at 171 mph.

    Side two they simply set up a mic just past the start line at the Winter Nationals in Pomona, California. Track announcer comments about how the dragsters have close to 1000 horsepower and run speeds close to 190 mph...

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    I used to have that LP.
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      Must have been the time for that sort of thing. I have a 33 1/3 record of 1963 (maybe 1964, haven't looked at the record in decades) of Bonneville runs.
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        I have that album. It is worn out.
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          Shhhhhh. Be real quiet. It is really early and I'm hunting Studebakers.


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            My former brother-in-law had a record with drag sounds and music. There was one rack that was just a fuel dragster leaving the line and fading away. Occasionally, I would set my stereo speakers in the dorm hallway, turn up the volume and let'er rip. Then quickly put everything away.
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              Originally posted by (S) View Post
              Shhhhhh. Be real quiet. It is really early and I'm hunting Studebakers.
              At one point you can tell one of the cars is definitely a six cylinder - probably Jag or something.

              I can confirm there are exhaust whisperers. In 1996, I drove my cousins 8E7 to South Bend for the May swap meet. When I first arrived, driving around N&A for a parking spot when I spotted Ted Harbit. Still sitting in the truck, I introduced myself. Ted asked about the truck (factory short bed with 5th/OD). I mentioned that the 289 was supposed to have an R1 cam, but I did not know for sure. “Hold on,” Ted said. He walked to the back of the truck, listened for about 15 seconds, and walked back to the door. “Yep, it is an R1 cam.” His hero status jumped about six spots at that point...
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                I recorded many sounds from that LP between Rock'n Roll tunes from a friends albums, still have the tape! & those sounds & the speaker still lives happily in my head...

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