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3D printed Studebaker?

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  • 3D printed Studebaker?

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    If you have the right kind of 3D printer, I've got the CAD files to print your own 1932 Studebaker Indy car. I've printed out both a 7" and a 10" long version that have good detail, just need a much bigger printer for full size. HUM3D.COM has full files for a number of other Studebakers, too. For the 1932 Indy car, the files are complete down to the rivet heads in the body sheet metal. Unfortunately, between HUM3D and me, we forgot to include the front wheel bearings, so the wheel hubs are a bit loose on the spindles, though it's correctable. I plan to donate one of the 10" long 3D printed models to the ASC auction night at the Mansfield, Ohio meet in September, so bring your checkbook then.

    Gary Ash
    Dartmouth, Mass.

    '32 Indy car replica (in progress)
    ’41 Commander Land Cruiser
    '48 M5
    '65 Wagonaire Commander
    '63 Wagonaire Standard
    web site at


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      That model is very cool Gary!
      Diesel loving, autocrossing, Coupe express loving, Grandpa Architect.


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        Gary: Could I purchase a 7" version from you. If so, PM me with details. Many Thanks. stupak