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Automotive icon Lee Iacocca passed away July 2nd, age 94

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    Originally posted by Milaca View Post
    I came upon this video on YouTube. It is an episode of Jay Leno's Garage with guest Lee Iococca back in 2013.
    Wonderful video, Brent; thanks so much for the link.

    Jay Leno is such a nice guy; so likable. So many rich people are snobs and / or obnoxious, but not Jay. You could be around him for hours and think he was just a regular guy. Rare and appreciated in this day.

    Right at 10:00 in the video, Jay introduces and interviews Matt Anderson, Curator of Transportation at The Henry Ford in Dearborn MI. This past Saturday, July 13, I was privileged to have breakfast with Matt before assuming our appointed Judging Duties at The 2019 Concours deElegance at Copshaholm in South Bend on the Studebaker National Museum / Northern Indiana Center for History / Oliver Mansion Copshaholm campus.

    Matt Anderson, fellow automotive writer from St. Joe Michigan Dar Davis, and myself were the team of three that judged two classes: Hail to The Chief (All Studebaker Presidents), and Bankers Hot Rods (all Chrysler 300 letter series cars) at the Concours. Matt and Dar were great guys to work with and, thankfully, I think we agreed on Best in Class for each of those two classes! (I can't say for sure because we cast our ballots independently of one-another and they were tabulated by a third party.)

    Thanks again, Brent. BP
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