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Yet another glimpse into the year 1957.

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  • Yet another glimpse into the year 1957.

    Studebaker sighted around 6:50. Simpler times indeed.

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    Actually at 6:42-3.

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      They are not very consistent with 1957. They show new cars being built that are earlier than 1957 and then they show a 1959 Buick on the street and then part of another car of 1959 or newer. Some of the TVs that they show in homes would have been really old by 1957. I do not remember any uniformed service station guys in this area by 1957.
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        Shucks, I wanted to watch it but it says the video is unavailable 😕
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          I just reloaded it and it played fine. Perhaps, try again.


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            Originally posted by Buzzard View Post
            I just reloaded it and it played fine. Perhaps, try again.
            There is a 47-49 Convertible at .16 seconds at the gas station.

            Paints a good picture but if you were Native American, Hispanic, or other race, probably not a good of a time as pictured. Our family had to buy fix up and sell homes, to help pay for my mother's medical expenses. My dad was a FMS worker at Luke AFB but at the time there was not any medical insurance available so we did what we had to do. We didn't flip houses to be on (non) a reality TV Show, we did it to survive. We did not know we were not well off, but everyone seemed to be that way in our neighborhood(s) and the simple things we did are treasures that last in memories.

            When my mother passed in 1986, the total amount of money we three received was $7,500. That was it, after both Dad and Mom working and living through the depression, the war, the uneasiness of the tense time. What we inherited as far as values and being a good and kind person: Priceless.

            We cannot go back, but we do have our Studebaker's as a reminder.

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