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    <h3>NEW! For a video tutorial on posting a photo to a forum topic and posting a photo as part of your signature, go to:!</h3>

    Below are the written instructions:

    1. The photo you wish to include in a post must be on a web page already, not on your own computer's hard drive. Most of the forum members use one of the many free online photo album sites out there, including: (recommended)

    You can also Google "Free photo hosting" for a long list.

    [u]Sites found to be incompatible:</u>
    [u]Webshots</u> (problem with maintaining the link between Webshots images and the forum.)
    [u]Yahoo Photos</u>
    [u]Albumtown</u> (says you can post to a forum but we can't make it work)

    General Photo Posting Process: (scroll to bottom for specific instructions for

    1. Please don't post photos larger than 4" x 6" at 72 dpi to this forum (around 100k or less is great). If the photos in your online album are large, first create and upload smaller forum-postable versions to your online album. Remember that the smaller the file size the faster the page loads (a big plus for dial-up forum members). After you've created an online photo album and have uploaded your photo(s) to it, you can go to step 2.

    2. Before you create a forum post in which you want to include a photo, first go to your online photo album and bring up just the photo you want to include... Right-click the photo and select "Open image in new window" or "View Image" (depending on your browser). (NOTE: You should now see ONLY the photo in the upper left corner of your monitor and not any other web-page images or text.) Then, select and copy the photo's URL that's showing up in the browser's URL window.

    3. Create your forum post and at the end of your message go to the row of tiny icons across the top of your post window. The icon with the little yellow rectangular picture is the "Insert Image" button. Click this.

    4. When you do that you will see This will appear at the end of your message text.

    5. Place your cursor between the ][ and paste or type the image URL there. See graphic.

    6. Next, click the "Preview" button at the bottom of your forum post window. If done correctly, you'll see your post and picture. If the picture shows up, click "Post New Topic" and you're good to go.

    Photobucket Instructions

    1. Create your free Photobucket account and upload your photo(s) per their instructions making sure they are sized appropriately for forum topic or forum signature use! See [u]"Sizing your Photobucket Images"</u> below

    2. Click and copy the Image Code box (the one that is titled "IMG Code" for the photo you wish to insert into your forum post.

    3. Paste the Image Code you copied into your forum post or forum signature box.

    4. Click "Preview" to see the result... [u]always</u> do this before submitting the post or signature change!

    Properly sizing your Photobucket images

    Photobucket allows you to resize a photo at the time you upload it to your album. On your album page, if you look just above the boxes where you "browse" to select the photo you want to upload, there is small text that says what "size" you have currently selected, followed by an "options" link. All photos you upload will be resized down to that setting if your original is larger. Clicking in this link will allow you to change the setting for your photo.

    Here are four of the settings you will/should most commonly use for posting photos in this forum:

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