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  • '57 Packard Clipper

    Update on Colette the Clipper. She is no longer a "no door" but rather a three door at this point.Click image for larger version

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    Very nice good colors.


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      Gorgeous. 'Hard to beat Coppertone and White on a '57 Stude. BP
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        Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
        Gorgeous. 'Hard to beat Coppertone and White on a '57 Stude. BP
        Agreed!! Even on trucks! http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ion-on-this-57!



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          Lovely Wagon, is the Blower gonna reside under the Hood ?
          Joseph R. Zeiger


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            Very very NICE!!


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              Yes, I have the complete blower, manifold, airbox and air cleaner etc to make it complete. My artist(painter) buddy convinced me to stay with these factory colors as it was so washed out and sun faded that I was contemplating a change. I now have no regrets in staying with the original 1957 colors. Thanks for all the support and encouragement as at times I was certainly questioning my sanity.


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                Hi Bill, Looks fantastic!
                I can't wait to get some paint on my 57 Packard wagon.
                I too was contemplating changing the color on my wagon. But after conversing with Mr. Quinn and finding out how few were painted in the Inca Cream-Artic White spring colors, I also decided to stay with the original colors.
                Keep up the good work!
                sigpic1957 Packard Clipper Country Sedan

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                  That's going to be one gorgeous wagon Bill!
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                  '57 Packard wagon
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                    The dash credit goes to you Chip! Thanks for the pics.