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seat belts in a 40

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  • seat belts in a 40

    Our 40 could be hittin' the road pretty soon and we'd love to take the grand kids with us. The concern is seat belts for everyone. Is there a tasteful way to go about this without drilling holes thru an otherwise perfect floor pan. The care has original seats, carpet etc.all in good shape I'd hate to ruin them but lives are more important. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Things like this is what separates the drivers from the others. Can you drill holes with your eyes closed? LOL When I cut the floor in my 53 for a shifter, I reminded myself it's a hot rod. And yes I drilled holes for seat belts.


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      I began driving during the time seat belts were becoming available in the early sixties. For us young hillbilly bucks...the dirt back-roads of our youth became our playground. Years before there was a "Dukes Of Hazard,"... embarrassingly, we probably should have been called, "The Dirt Road Dummies."

      It didn't seem to occur to us, how stupid we were to contest each other in such a mixture of oddball vehicles. Some, using their family sedans, pickup trucks, and cars from vintage to contemporary. I got the bright idea to install a brand new set of Western Auto seat belts in my 1955 Buick. I borrowed a drill and promptly drilled a hole through the floor and the gas line running along the frame.

      I'd like to think I'm a bit more mature and wiser now. So, I'll share the above story along with the following...take the time to plan where you intend to mount the seat belts. As to punching holes...there are already many holes in your floor. During the stamping process, engineers used holes for "dowel pins," that serve to keep the work in place while the part is being stamped. Often, these holes serve a double purpose to become holes for bolts. Some, merely get a loose plug, that served to keep dirt out and allow moisture to drain. Adding holes (for seat belts) should not be a worry. Getting your new belts installed, without drilling through your brake lines, gas lines, or a live wire
      ...time to celebrate.
      John Clary
      Greer, SC

      SDC member since 1975


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        I would suggest you start here....

        Their seat belt division:

        Good company to do business with.
        HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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          If you can locate a couple of body to frame mounting bolts it should be possible to build a framework that would allow you to attach the belts in the correct position. I added three point belts in my 39 Ford Coupe by using a similiar setup and a mounting point in the B-pillar.

          My kids wouldn't let their youngun's ride without belts in Gramps cars and I wouldn't have even asked. I wouldn't want that on my conscience ever. Wise Choice. Bob