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1928 Studebaker Victoria @ St.Louis along

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  • 1928 Studebaker Victoria @ St.Louis along

    My 1928 Studebaker Victoria @ St.Louis 2015 and my drive back through Illinois
    I orginally took this car for display to get insigt on the car itself, in addition let others see the 1928 1/2 GH Victoria and hopefully help me locate the remaining parts needed to finish out the car back to as close to original as i can get. However once I got there decided to have it judged and ended up with a 1st place win.
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      This car is beautiful! I really like the wooden wheels. Congratulations on the win. Wish I could have been there!


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        Congratulations. A beautiful and deserving car. BP
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          Beautiful ! Love the little "butt" of a trunk on Victorias !


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            Beautiful car. Bet it moves right along with that 354. In its day it must have eaten Model A Fords for lunch!
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              I remember stopping to admire that car during one of my brief exits from the swap meet. I love the Victoria style body.
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                Beautiful car!

                We have a local member that recently purchased the President version.