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'63 R2 Superhawk 4spd

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  • '63 R2 Superhawk 4spd

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ID:	1748417My '63 R2 Hawk 4 spd. Has all package items (HD springs, HD front and rear anti sway bars, power front disc brakes, traction bars, 160mph speedo, red line tach, halibrand wheels) hurst shifter and 225/70-15 period correct white walls. All numbers match.
    Randy Bohannon
    Kailua Kona, HI
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    wow super sweet....I love it!! Thanks for posting.... how about some more shots?
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      You have one exceptional Hawk. Great car!


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        Randy,Your Hawk looks really nice one end to the other - are the wheels original or re-pops.
        Joseph R. Zeiger


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          Randy, isn't your Hawk too early to be a full-package SuperHawk? According to one of your posts, its 63V1640 with engine # JTS1006 which makes it the second 1963 supercharged Hawk built, and was assembled early in the model year.

          Here is more information when the first 'package' SuperHawk was assembled: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ks-Super-Larks



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            I had a '63 R2 SuperHawk for many years, as well. Mine was the only one in Rose Mist, according to George Krem. Delightful car in every way--it even smelled good inside AND the clock worked!!! Enjoy!!!


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              Hopefully, the person who is trying to decide what '63 factory color to paint his GT will see this Hawk. This car is another fine example of how nice 'CHAMPAGNE GOLD POLY' looks on the '63 GT's!

              Truly a beautiful 1963 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk factory color!


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                '63 R2 Superhawk 4spd

                Car was second R2 built and came with R2 engine, TT, and power front disc's. I added HD springs, HD front and rear anti sway bars, traction bars, 160mph speedo, red line tach and re pop Halibrands - all Stude factory options. Also added Hurst shifter. Car is all stock numbers matching. s/n 64V1640, JTS 1006.Click image for larger version

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                  That is a beautiful car. One to be proud of.


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                    That's a nice Hawk, Randy; Champagne Gold and Red interior is an unusually-nice combination.

                    Was the car originally shipped to Hawaii? If not, do you know how it got out there, and when? BP
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                      I bought it from Carl Carilli in New York and had it shipped to me in HI.


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                        Hi Randy,

                        It was nice talking with you at the NW Overdrive Tour banquet in Bellingham.
                        Sorry you missed the Saturday party as it would have been nice to take a picture of your Hawk 63V1640 next to the very next R2 Hawk built 63V1748 (also 4 spd).
                        Those wheels sure look nice and I hope you have been getting Miles Of Smiles enjoying it!
                        Thanks for bringing it to Bellingham and letting everyone enjoy seeing it.


                        James Bell
                        Bells Studebaker Diner & Museum
                        Bellingham, WA.


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                          Glad you guys got to see Randy's car in person, there were some responses after I sent in a couple of pics, but it's so good in person ! Now hurry and get back over here Randy, don't know how much longer I can hold your place down at Splashers, people have been trying to push my little cars out of the way, ha !


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                            My 63 Supercharged R2 63V 22744 JTS 1515 4spd fresh off the delivery trailer......and after wash.
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                              Finally came up with a name for my '63 Hawk: "Makani 'Io". An 'io is a hawk that only exists on the Big Island of Hawai'i. Makani is the Hawaiian word for wind.