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    As I've heard & learned it's best to change everything with rubbers & such when switching to synthetic fluids.
    Personally I even change the lines.
    But that's me...
    Congrats to a REALLY nice Lark!
    (I've got a soft spot for early Larks)
    & by the way: I also had a Fiat 500 once...
    This is where that picture-that-refuses-to-get-in-here would be...


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      Originally posted by BILT4ME View Post
      /Cut/I would also recommend that you get at LEAST (2) water pumps, (2) brake master cylinders, (2) sets of brake wheel cylinders, and some extra front and rear brake shoes as spare parts. The master cylinders are known to go out after 35K-40K (miles), and it would be good to replace the wheel cylinders in that time frame as well. The water pumps also go out regularly, especially after sitting for an extended period of time. The belt tension has a LOT to do with how quickly the water pump goes out if the car is driven regularly.?Cut/

      The water pumps and brake shoes must be sent in to be rebuilt, as "new" is no longer available. Some of the Studebaker vendors MAY have NOS on hand yet.
      Wheel bearings, seals, axle seals are still "relatively" available.
      I do not think you will need Spare Brake Parts, with your DOT 5 Silicone, all but the Linings should last indefinitely.
      Also V8 Water Pumps are available in fresh New stock at Studebaker Vendors.
      Second Generation Stude Driver,
      Proud '54 Starliner Owner