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My last project car - and it's a Stude!

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    I know this isn't barn journal, but here are a few pictures of progress on my shop and my patiently waiting Studebaker in the corner. The weatherman says this is the last few days of the extended summer we've gotten in the Northeast. The delayed winter temps let me apply siding to three walls and I'll have to hold off on the east side; I plan to build a lean-to there anyway.

    As soon as the ground thaws in a few months, I'll get conduit in for juice and can then get my lift in. I've amassed a ton of ideas for the project car from threads here on the SDC site. I appreciate all of them!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!l


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      Looking forward to updates!
      ~Matt Connor
      '59 Lark 2-door


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        The coupe and its present quarters look great, Wayne; congrats on the car's preservation while it waits its turn, and on the barn's construction.

        Are the photos the opposite ends of the same barn? It looks really nice.

        The car looks pleasantly solid. That's well over half the battle in your locale.

        Keep the updates coming and Happy New Year.

        (Thanks for joining SDC, too.) BP
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          The "post coupe" in my thoughts is the best of the BEST. It has a solid body and great style and will always look good! Good luck with your project & remember "Studebakers are great and their collectors are the GREATEST ! We are always here to help. Several SDC venders and other suppliers (Rhode Island Wiring is one) can provide quality wiring harnesses for your project.
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