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'53 Starliner home from the spray booth

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    Originally posted by paintim613 View Post
    Having the tristar wheel covers is amazing. In 11 years of looking I have found only the one we put on our continental spare.
    Some years ago I was walking to lunch in the office complex where I worked when, parked at the curb, was a rusty old Datsun (not Nissan) pickup. It was sporting a full set of Tri-Star wheel covers. I nearly stopped to pop them off at the time. I tried to wait out the driver, but had to give up and go on. Never saw the truck again.
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      Those are beautiful Cars Sean, your boss should be happy with whatever you did to the '53, I don't see why at a SDC International Meet Car Show judging that '53 should not get in the 390's out of 400 points! I think it would be fun to have it judged once to find out what is not perfect.

      The only thing I see other than the late '53 Hood Ornament (which is really no big deal as many '53's had them) is the Commander on the Decklid is a little bit too close to the right edge and quite a bit too high, maybe a (1) Point loss.

      As long as the Upholstery guy doesn't get too crazy with the interior, it will be very close to correct original.

      One non-originality issue you might want to check is the Radiator Cap, I have those aftermarket type in stock that look the same on the outside as this and not sure but, all I have ever seen have the 3/4 Inch reach pressure spring and seal ring, and unless that Radiator had a filler neck replacement it would be a 1 Inch reach filler neck, so the Cap will not seal/pressurize.

      The original looking and correct fitting Caps are only available at Studebaker Vendors at:

      I like the Look of the narrow white 1963 and newer style white walls on this Car, much better than the correct wide white walls, that's probably minus 4 Points, IF one cared, and I don't.
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        Beautiful preservation ! Commendable for going original !
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          Originally posted by Seanpcola View Post
          Whoops, don't know why two of them flipped.
          That's okay; if my car looked that good I'd probably flip too,lol!


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            Even upside down it is SWEET!


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              Beautiful car! Thanks for sharing.


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                Great color on a beautiful car.


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                  Mine will look like that when it's repainted.
                  Coral/Beige 1953 Studebaker Commander Starlight.


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                    It looks as though the trunk lift bar only has black paint on it (on the background, as it should be). Shouldn't the letters themselves be painted white?

                    (Apart from which, by the way, beautiful car. I have one just like it, though unrestored.)

                    Originally posted by Seanpcola View Post
                    Thanks folks. It was a long trip. This one was in bad shape. Finding the missing pieces was the hardest part. We tried to stay true to its early mfr. date with the Tristar logos. It wouldn't pass judgement at a hard core show but it is 99% true to originality. We weren't worried about trophies but the boss wanted to recreate his first car so there's a lot of sentimental background.

                    I knew nothing about Studes before he got into collecting them. I'm truly fascinated now with the breed.

                    Here's his "best" Goldenhawk. He bought it like this so all I've done to it was very minor tweaks, mostly electrical issues.