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My e-bay purchase that I'm fixing up 1955 president

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  • My e-bay purchase that I'm fixing up 1955 president

    My e-bay purchase that was sitting for twenty three years, that I'm fixing up ,hope this works. 14x7
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    Lucky you.
    More pix please.
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      I'm liking that find.
      There's one not to far from me, 1 owner car, needs a full body off resto, $5000 CDN.


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        DUDE! You lucked out! What a gorgeous car! Nice score

        Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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          Very nice car. 'Love the '55s with the second-series two-tone. Those colors are just right, too. What a sweetheart. Congrats. BP
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            My 55 Builder jimmijim

            Yours appears nicer 'en mine. good model to have. I've always wanted a 55. cheers jimmijim
            Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
            Very nice car. 'Love the '55s with the second-series two-tone. Those colors are just right, too. What a sweetheart. Congrats. BP
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              The car was painted at Maaco,It was sonora Beige,and black, It's missing a piece of stainless !

              I finally drove it this past summer,after getting the fuel pump replaced. It had a huge hole in the driver's front fender. Still has a six volt system , the build sheet said the paint code was suppose to be Rancho red and black, so I had them paint it those colors after attending a local zone meet.The turn signals don't work after a few times this summer. Oh well. I try to post a older pictures.
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                The bumpers need to be rechrome,and headlight rings.

                The interior ,I bought jp's seat covers in blue ,and showed a friend how it looks and thinks the color should be changed. Maaco painted the top s of the inside door red, and I don't like that ,and I didn't ask for that. That dash pad I ripped out , and one of the glass over the speedometer is missing the chrome button ,that goes in the center. I can't do anything ,but changed the oil ,because I live at a condo.Can't do anything else for awhile ,as I had the transmission replaced. Mike
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                  I thought the older pictures uploaded from long a go !!!!!

                  Here's some older pictures ,Hope they post. So I took it to a car show a year ago, and a guy said that the car was repainted... He said they got over spray on the weather stripping. so I looked at the build sheet, and then went out to the garage and looked at the numbers ,and the build sheet was wrong, my car came with pink and black colors...
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                    Here's the car with the Bullet covers on the wheels

                    also padded the dash ,and covered it with Black vinyl , need to get carpeting now!!! and get the power windows to work. Also the trunk lid on the left sticks up at the Hinge. Have a nos hinge , just should get that rebuilt too.
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                      Looks good, Drive and enjoy.


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                        You're making great progress. Keep it up!
                        ~Matt Connor
                        '59 Lark 2-door


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                          Looks very nice. I hope the restoration goes well.