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    YEP, I know the picture shows me, But if you look close you'll see my Dad's car Door open off to the right . This was taken around 1958. Dad drove only Studebakers or Hudsons. If it isn't one of his Studies then it's his 1941 Hudson 4 door.
    Before Studie's and Hudson, Dad did lower himself and owned a 37 Chevy but it was replaced shortly after with his 53 R series which my son now owns.
    I'm looking for more pictures, I found one from about 1920 thats a old family picture with them sitting in a open touring sedan, but its faded and doesn't transfer good.

    I have JYD beat , he didn't have a Studie tell 1965.

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    This Picture is of my Wife Donna Lee appox; age 9 , We married in 1974 , She passed away in 2013 it's been almost two years now and I still have tears flowing out of my eye's I loved her so much..


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      Adorable picture.. She must have been a very special woman and friend. I am sorry for your loss.
      I am a 37 chevy owner..Her post made me chuckle..
      "Fords are cars Studebakers are Automobiles" -Jerry Washburn


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        Originally posted by Mrs. JunkYardDog View Post
        If it isn't one of his Studies then it's his 1941 Hudson 4 door.
        The lower part of the door tells me its a Hudson. Hudson was known for making it obvious how they 'concealed' their running boards in those years: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...dson-Super-Six



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          Dear husband of Donna:

          l am husband of Margie. Married 1971. She passed away very suddenly Feb. 2012. l, too am still very emotional, but thankfully it is getting "easier". Group grief counselling helped a lot and l now know that l am not alone in my situation, thots and emotions.
          Our two kids are having more children, but with the wonderful joy that new grandchildren bring also comes the so very sad thot that Margie missing being with them - and our daughter who is having her first child.

          And so, l'm thinking that altho we will never "get over it" (and we shouldn't) as some ignorant people think we should, we will hopefully learn to cope and accept. I'm not there yet. Man, that surely is a very deep, dark place we've been.

          But l feel that owe it to Margie and to our kids and grandkids to be "whole" and happy again. It will take more time for me and l know that there is no set time - everyone is different. Very, very luckily l have the new companionship of a most wonderful woman whose husband passed away about the same time. Our mutual support has been a God-send.

          l'll be thinking of you and the journey we are both on. Good luck. God bless.
          Roger Hill

          60 Lark Vlll, hardtop, black/red, Power Kit, 3 spd. - "Juliette"
          61 Champ Deluxe, 6, black/red, o/d, long box. - "Jeri"
          Junior Wagon - "Junior"

          "In the end, dear undertaker,
          Ride me in a Studebaker"


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            The grand kids although drive me crazy at time's keep me going .


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              I have not lost a spouse but having kids that carry a loved ones characteristics does bring joy. When I see my youngest daughter I see my mothers legs & feet. My grandmother used to look at my hands & say "you've got George's hands except his were always clean" and laugh. Somewhere here there is a picture taken of my father & I at Newark airport sitting on a couch while waiting for my flight to board (remember those days when you could do that!). Our posture was the same, expressions looking into different directions yet mirrored each other. These things are blessings that we hand down to our future generations and reminders that bring much joy that can help push the grief aside.
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