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  • 1960 Lark W4

    The person I purchased the car from only owned it for a few year and I knew it from the owner before. That owner purchased the car back in the early '80 and it had only 30k miles on it. The original owner also had an early 2R5 with less than 30K miles on it. When the person who bought the black car returned two weeks later the truck had already been sold...

    The motor was burning oil at @ 40k. Rebuilder found number one piston did not have all the compression rings and those that were there were in multiple pieces.

    It was sold new in La Grange, Texas, in December of 1959. It still has the original window sticker and the licence receit. Off the top of my head I want to say total sticker price was $2253. Original window sheet was folded up the original owner and put in the glove box. Second owner put it on a sheet of cardboard to display.

    Photos from 2011 in Pennsylvania

    In June of 2005, the car was driven from the state where it had lived its entire life to a new home in Pennsylvania. This past summer it finally turned 50k miles.

    POs installed the grill surround and chrome headlight rings. Only thing done to the interior is carpet and an NOS red and black steering wheel. Someone also put a radio in as well, but drilled a hole in the cowl for the antenna (that will be fixed eventually).

    The little six works pretty hard on the hills in Eastern Pennsylvania, but it sure likes to run.

    1960 Lark VI - finally turned 50k in August of 2006 - as of June 2019 it now shows 55K miles.

    Car has found itself to back west again - currently the first vehicle to arrive in Lexington, Kentucky, where my wife and I are relocated (very slowly)...

    I have found NOS seat covers from the front and rear lean back - always keeping eyes open for the bench as well.

    New stainless exhaust ready to under the car - 2010.

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    Update as of Nov. 2016. The Lark is living comfortably in a new home in the Frankfort area of Kentucky. On a drive one afternoon late this summer, I drove through a small place between Versailles KY and Lexington KY. There are about five houses and this little church but the community name is what stands out - fitting considering both the Lark and I are originally from the Lone Star state...


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      Thanks for the update. Wonderful car. I had a 63 with a 6 and an automatic. That car would take on anything. Great little driver. I think the 6s are under rated!



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        Nice Larky Lark! I love those flathead 6's too!


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          Not a too recent photo - but I am trying to get the car looking like it did when it sat on the lot when new.


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            They were a great looking car. My first car was a 59 W4 equipped almost identical. Being a teenager then I added a front sway bar & brakes from a 57 Silver Hawk. A real soft spot in my heart.
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              Beautiful little car. I like the pictures and story behind them. Well done.


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                Love it! And I'm glad you're removing the Regal trim that was added by the PO. Love those Deluxe models!
                ~Matt Connor
                '59 Lark 2-door


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                  Dry weather so take advantage of it when I can...

                  Almost there...

                  There we go. Unfortunately this was on a windy Kentucky back road, so having the needle pointed at "55" would have been pretty tricky.

                  At the rate the car is having miles added to it (was built in September of '59), it might reach 100,000 miles by the time it will have its 100th birthday - wonder who might be driving it then - I would only be 89...