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1964 GT Hawk sold new in St. Cloud, Minnesota

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  • 1964 GT Hawk sold new in St. Cloud, Minnesota

    3-23-2010 video link:
    3-27-2010 video link:
    and another, this time being driven:

    I found this car on Craigslist on Tuesday morning and bought it that afternoon (I felt it was too good of a deal to pass up). Upon picking the car up the following Thursday, the former owner gave me a folder packed full of documents that went back to 1964 (much to my delight). This included the original manuals, original window sticker, service receipts from the original dealership for its 1000, 4000, 6000 & 12,000 mile servicing.

    I was excited to discover that this car was sold new by Haerle Motor Company of St. Cloud, MN which was a Studebaker and Mercedes-Benz dealership. I had never even heard of Haerle Motor Co., but they apparently took over the Jurek-Blonnigan dealership? Can anyone confirm this? Regardless, I found this interesting being that it was sold locally as most Studebakers sold new in MN have long since rusted out and been scrapped.

    Also included with the car are many part receipts & part inquiries as the second owner (whom purchased the car via the 'Skyway News' in April of 1973 for $420) did a major refurbishing to this car during the years of 1973 to 1979. The car's body was repaired and repainted in June of 1975 for $325 and the all important 'GT HAWK' vanity plates were added in July of 1977.

    The reason I know the dates and prices of these things is that the second owner wrote out a complete parts & service log (see document below) which also included the names of the parts vendors and service shops. This guy was truly proud of his Studebaker and even sent a hand written letter along with a picture of it to the original owner, however this letter was returned to sender due to an undeliverable address with no forwarding order. I have this letter and picture of the car after its refurbishment from 1978 in its original stamped & addressed envelope. (13 cents postage

    The original purchaser/owner was Keith Fish of Glenwood, MN (he was living in Richfield, MN when he sold the car in 1973), second owner Mark LeDuc (of New Brighton, MN) whom purchased it with 63,660 miles, third owner Randy Poague (of Maple Grove, MN) whom it appears bought the car in 1981 with 65,415 miles. I have Mr. Poague's Studebaker Drivers Club membership card with an expiration date of March 1983 and a curled up issue of his June 1982 Turning Wheels. He showed the car at least once at a Hudson & Studebaker car show at Greenbergs Olds-AMC/Jeep dealership (according to the windshield display placard), which I believe was originally Burke's Studebaker dealership. He was also the last owner to register the vanity plates, with the newest tabs being 1996.

    Mr. Poague sold the car to Earl Plunkett (of Plymouth, MN) in July of 2000 with the car having 68,630 miles. It may have been Mr. Plunkett that added the wide whitewall tires to this car as they have little or no miles on them. There was one owner between Mr. Plunkett and myself and the car now displays 70,577 miles. I assume that Mr. Plunkett put nearly 2000 miles on this car and he must have had newer, current license plates on the car rather than the old vanity plates. The guy I bought it from never had it on the road and he only owned it for a little over a year.

    Judging by the condition of this car, it must have spent many, many years parked outside and went many years without a waxing. If Mark LeDuc (whom had it repainted in 1975) saw it today, I think he would be very disappointed with its condition. Okay then, here are some pictures!

    This is the photo that was sent with a letter to the original owner (however the original owner did not receive it). I believe this was taken in 1976 (GT HAWK vanity plates were later added in 1977).
    Click image for larger version

Name:	1964 Hawk from 1978.jpg
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    And this is the same car, 34 years and 5,000 miles later. I guess it was rode hard and put away wet.
    Click image for larger version

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    Brent, sometimes the Studegods just smile on us like this. Congrats on your incredible good fortune & thanks for sharing it.

    Keoni Dibelka / HiloFoto
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      Wow!! What a great find! I hope I'm blessed with one like that one day. Enjoy, and post more pics!


      Clark in San Diego
      '63 F2/Lark Standard

      Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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        Man, that's quite a find! You should get it road worthy and drive it to South Bend this May.

        Chris Dresbach

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        Chris Dresbach


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          Congratulations Brent, what a find!

          When you get a chance please send me the details for the GT Hawk Registry.. Looks like VIN 64V1912 ?

          My '64 also has vanity plates 'GT HAWK'

          For those who have pictures for the Registry, pls send them in jpeg format, Max. height/width is 600 X 800 pixels, and max file size of 100 kilobytes.


          Barry Leppan
          Ontario, Canada
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          GT Hawk Registry-SDC Hamilton Chapter [IMG]
          Barry Leppan
          Ontario, Canada
          64 Daytona R-1 Convertible & 64 GT Hawk R-1
          GT Hawk Registry & SDC, Hamilton Chapter [IMG]


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            Excellent find and excellent story! I like reading the stories about the car as much as looking at the pictures.


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              What a neat car, great color and equipment, and great documentation! On my '64 I only have photocopies of the window sticker and repair receipts from the Stude dealer. The owner had made photocopies for me years earlier; I just wanted paperwork from my hometown Stude dealer! Later, when I bought the car, all the originals were gone, so I'm glad I have copies, at least.

              A couple questions/observations from the paperwork:

              1) Was a clock standard equipment on the '64 Hawk? It's not on the window sticker, but I know I've seen GT's without a clock (although not sure if I've seen '64's without them).

              2) Not sure how big of a city St. Cloud, MN, is, but there were almost a thousand work orders done in the six weeks' time between the two work orders shown. That seems like some good Studebaker service work being done that late by the dealer...assuming they were using the work orders in numerical order!

              3) Mr. Fish, the original owner, put 3,000 miles on the car in six weeks' time, between those two work orders. Sounds like a major vacation trip to me!

              4) I believe a man named Frederick Fish was Albert Erskine's son-in-law and had a managerial position at Studebaker many years earlier.

              Bill Pressler
              Kent, OH
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              Bill Pressler
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                Thanks for the nice comments fellas. When the second owner refurbished the car in the 1970's, he added some new accessories like the decklid antenna and the door handle guards. I shined up the bumpers yesterday with some very fine steel wool and they look good from a few feet away, but they need replating. I cleaned up the other chrome also and it looks good but does show its age. Today I will begin to remove the frost plugs and clean out whatever gunk I find inside the cooling passages. I can jiggle the radiator fan a little so I assume it will likely need a new water pump. I'll keep you posted.

                Anybody got a tachometer decal?
                In the middle of Minnestudea
                In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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                  That is a great looking car Brent. It is rare to find a car that has been documented as well as that one has.

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                    Mr. Fish was a salesman who covered the state and put on many hard fast miles on the 64' GT Hawk. By the time I purchased the car in 1973, it appeared to have been parked outside unused for many months. My father bought a 62 GT Hawk in 1970 with only 26,000 miles on it from a female school teacher. You wouldn't know they both had the same 289 engine. The 64' had twice the pep that the babied 62' did!
                    Anyways, It was nice to talk to the new owner Steve. (after 31 years), Can't wait to see the car in the condition that I once knew it...


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                      How cool is that? Find a great Stude like that along with all that history. Wow! Then to cap it off have contact with a previous owner and the 1st to do "restoration" to this car!! Double WOW! Then the Duke posts some more historical gold right here on the forum. That is just Star Trek stuff right there. Pot o gold.

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                        It's great to see a former owner of this car (and the one who did much to preserve its history so many years ago) come here and share information. The dealership that this car was sold new at is now a Bingo Emporeum behind Central McGowan (near Tenvorde Ford) in St. Cloud. It would be great to find a period photo of the dealership from back in the day and also to photograph this car in front of the current building. Too bad that history class in high school was never this interesting.
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                          I'am now the new owner of this car. I bought it from Brent. Aka Milaca in august of 2012. I now have the car somewhat streetable and had it to the labor day stude show. The second owner The duke was there to look at the car. Car is set to get a total frame off resto. this winter and hopfully be ready for the spring show at the Blacksmith Lounge. I'll try to keep everyone interested informed as to how it goes.


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                            I responded to another post of yours about Haerle Motor Co. Without repeating myself too much John Haerle was my father - yes we did buy the dealership from Jurek-Blonigan in Nov 1963 and because of Studebaker discontinuing production, slow sales and very little Mercedes sales by 1965 we auctioned off the equipment and my father took a loss on the remaining car inventory since studebaker would not buy them back. As I mentioned in the other email the Red 64 Hawk I remember helping prep it for delivery - It was very beautiful then - I wonder how you are doing with your restoration. If you want to sell it please contact me. John Haerle


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                              I replied to you in another thread:
                              In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.