<div align="left">Here's my pride and joy, a 1948 M5 with Champ 6 and overdrive.</div id="left">

<div align="left">1965 Commander Wagonaire</div id="left">

<div align="left">1963 Standard Wagonaire currently being restored.</div id="left">

<div align="left">An M5 bed as a trailer with a Caravan top</div id="left">

<div align="left">And following up the rear, a very small Studebaker trailer, LOL!</div id="left">

[img=left]http://www.studegarage.com/images/gary_ash_m5_sm.jpg[/img=left] Gary Ash
Dartmouth, Mass.
'48 M5
'65 Wagonaire Commander
'63 Wagonaire Standard
web site at http://www.studegarage.com