Old Faithful- owned since new, driven away from Hamilton, Ontario on May 5, 1964. Very well optioned- 259 w/od, TT, disc brakes, HD springs and shocks, clock, AM-FM, split recliners w/headrests, roof rack, power back window, tailgate step, a/c, power steering, Hill Holder, etc. etc.

Always loved these. Bought in 1966 in Hawaii from the second owner for $295. California-built car, well optioned- a/t, p/b radio w/rear speaker, clock, w/s washer, all tinted glass, etc.

Always loved these too. Fortunately so does the wife. Bought in 2006 from third owner. 289 2 bbl/single exhaust, Powershift, reclining buckets, clock

And the Plus One. Bought in 2006 in a weak moment. Major project, but still is pretty.

[img=right]http://www.frontiernet.net/~thejohnsons/Forum%20signature%20pix/R-4.JPG[/img=right][img=right]http://www.frontiernet.net/~thejohnsons/Forum%20signature%20pix/64L.JPG[/img=right][img=right]http://www.frontiernet.net/~thejohnsons/Forum%20signature%20pix/64P.jpg[/img=right][img=right]http://www.frontiernet.net/~thejohnsons/Forum%20signature%20pix/53K.jpg[/img=right]Paul Johnson
'53 Commander Starliner (since 1966)
'64 Daytona Wagonaire (original owner)
'64 Daytona Convertible (2006)
Museum R-4 engine