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  • My 1950 Champion

    Although I have just recently joined the forum I have been a member of SDC for quite a few years. This is the story of how I acquired my Studebaker
    Well About 8 years ago I was living in an apartment and getting ready to buy a house so I was really watching my finances. Well one Saturday afternoon I had my truck parked out in front of the apartment when all of a sudden I hear this large crashing sound ,I ran to the door and saw a guy running up the street and his truck embedded up under my truck ( hit and run / drunk [xx(] ) they did catch the guy because he left his wallet with his ID on the front seat of his vehicle.
    I know I am starting to ramble but anyways my truck was totaled and I had to start looking for a new mode of transportation I figured something that's small and gets good gas mileage as my commute to work was about 45 minutes each way and it needed to be dependable. needless to say I was checking the internet and classifieds for a car and there were a lot of possibilities ,when I came across an add for 1950 Studebaker Champion and it was local, but I thought to myself no this is not the type of car that you need right now. So I continued checking the adds for a few more days to find something that would work. Well one day I mentioned to my boss about the ad for the Studebaker and he said , you should call on it and go check it out if it is still available . So after a little prodding I did call and the gentleman told me that it was still available and that that it was in good shape and that I should come by and check it out. So arrangements were made to meet with him.
    The next day I drove over in my rental car to meet the owner, I looked the car over and asked quite a few questions and he told me to the best of his knowledge everything worked including the radio and overdrive he then asked me if I wanted to give it a test drive ? I said sure , so I get in and not knowing how to start it [:I]( I had never been in an actual running Studebaker before) I just sat there until he told me to turn the key and press the clutch pedal until it hits the starter switch ( I am thinking to myself this is too cool ) well I drive it around the block a few times ( I was hooked when I pulled away from the curve [] ) I did notice that the steering was a little suspect but nothing I haven't encounter in some of the other vehicles I have driven over the years. So on the way back I decide that I am going to purchase it using the insurance settlement on my truck.
    A couple days later I had a friend drive me over to pick it up, he takes one look at it and say THAT is a really cool car. so I ask him if he wants to go for a ride before we go home he agrees and we take it for a little ride talking about things like how big the seats are and how much room there is, how good the radio sounds, how it feels when you go around a corner, you know the usual chit chat when your in a 50 year old car . Once we got back I dropped him off at his car and we headed our separate ways.
    I lived about 30 minutes away and the whole way back I am thinking to myself two things 1. what have I done ? this car is over 50 years old and if I end up having problems with it I am going to be in trouble as I won't have any resources for at least another year and 2. it is getting dark so I hope all of the lights work and I make it home OK ( first dealings with the fading luminescent on the gauges and instrument panel ), well about 20 minutes later I pull up in front of my apartment thinking well I made it with no problems that is a good sign. now hopefully no one will run into it
    Well during the next 8 months it was my only mode of transportation and during that time it never once let me down, it always started right up ( six volts and original wiring ) I remember the first time I drove it on the freeway ( I live in Los Angeles ) I was a little apprehensive but again it ran flawlessly and the overdrive worked perfectly ,<font color="blac

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    Great story and nice looking bulletnose, Blake!

    Chris Pile
    Editor: The Studebaker Special
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      Very nice!

      Dylan Wills

      '61 lark deluxe 4 door wagon
      Dylan Wills
      Everett, Wa.

      1961 Lark 4 door wagon
      1961 Lark 4 door wagon #2 (Wife's car!)
      1955 VW Beetle (Went to the dark side)
      1914 Ford Model T


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        Nice ride. Do you know the history of the car or have any original paperwork? I see that it has black plates which they stopped using in 1969 so was it sold new in the LA area? How many miles are on it? Good luck with it....

        1950 Champion 2 Dr. Sedan

        1949 Studebaker 2R5 half ton pickup...


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          Nice Champ! Nice to see that you have been driving it on a regular basis and that it is keeping the Studebaker name on the road!


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            Very nice bullet nose and story.

            Gary Sanders
            Nixa, MO
            President Toy Studebaker Collectors Club. Have an interest in Toy Studebakers? Contact me for details.
            Gary Sanders
            Nixa, MO


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              Great story, and a beautiful Stude!!Yes, you can and will call your Stude beautiful because they are like family!!!!It's great that you have driven it a lot; this gives inspiration to those who may be unsure of their Stude's capabilities.[8D]