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  • 64 Avanti R4

    We hit the Car Show this past weekend in Ft. Lauderdale with my 63 GT Hawk and Ed's 64 Avanti R4 ( Custom built dual Carters and single Supercharger).[8D]

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    Chris Pile
    Editor: The Studebaker Special
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      Nice car, looks like it is flying down the road and I am sure it does! Thanks for posting.


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        AND A/C - quite a feat - and quite a beaut!

        Keoni Dibelka / HiloFoto
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          Here are some specs of Ed's Avanti:

          He and his son hand built the entire engine and frame-off restore in the mid-1980's..

          320 CI 1964 Studebaker V8
          Dual R2 AFB Carter 4 Barrels
          PS, PB, AIR

          One Paxton Supercharger ( Stock). Andy Granatelli sold Ed two of these for the STP employee price of 50 % off the retail price.
          Since ED lives in South Fla. Air Conditioning and PS was a MUST. Therfore there was no room to install the second supercharger. It's still sitting in his garage boxed-up, brand new ( NOS).

          Solid Lifters

          8:5 Compression. This was reduced from the over 11. Never install a Supercharger unless you first reduce to compression by boring the cylinders abit. Else, you will blow out the engine when the charger kicks in at the higher compression.

          Dual quad alum intake manifold
          Delco 105 amp
          Custom aircraft oil/fuel lines ( Ed was a top mechanic at Eastern AirLines)
          Borg-Warner T-10 4 speed
          Hurst comp shifter
          MSD Ignnition
          Dana 44 Twin Traction
          Traction Bars, Gas Shocks
          West alum wheels for Avanti II 20th Aniversary
          BF Goodrich 235/60