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  • Our new baby

    New SDC members with a new baby. Here it is, just as we found it. We bought it from the widow of a man who restored several classic cars. He never got started on this one.

    1951 Champion 4-door. Custom, Regal, or DeLuxe is yet to be determined. 100% complete and original, except for two missing wheel covers. Even the little spring-flippy keyhole cover in the trunk works. At some point, somebody put seat covers in it. Peel back what remains of one of the seat covers, and you can see the original upholstery's color and pattern.

    Under the black paint, and inside all the panels, is the original sky blue.

    We're looking forward to getting it back on the road, and looking forward to helping and being helped by SDC members.

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    Neat project.

    '61 lark deluxe 4dr wagon
    Dylan Wills
    Everett, Wa.

    1961 Lark 4 door wagon
    1961 Lark 4 door wagon #2 (Wife's car!)
    1955 VW Beetle (Went to the dark side)
    1914 Ford Model T


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      I think you will find plenty of help on this site. Welcome!


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        Nice. it looks to be in beter shape than my 51 when I first started it.[8D] (front cover of TW august 2008)

        james d thornton


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          meh ..

          '51 Studes are ugly ... []

          Toronto, ON.


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            I agree Bandit, they are ugly, I guess thats why I love mine, ugly but different. I was a a local car show in the fall, and and old timer came up to me and said" they were ugly when new, and still is now, but he said he loved It , and was glad to see one at the show!"


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              If you think a '51 Stude is ugly... See what a '58 looks like.


              Matthew Burnette
              Hazlehurst, GA


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                That looks like a great project. I think that people who think the bullet nose Studes are ugly are just jealous....

                1950 Champion 2 Dr. Sedan

                1949 Studebaker 2R5 half ton pickup...


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                  I agree. A great find! Everyone should own a Bullet. Good luck on your project, I'm still working on my Bullet except mine is green.

                  1951 Commander Land cruiser


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                    but i also love ugly!


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                      The POX on all you that think the 50 Bulletnose is ugly!!! It is beeeyouteefull!!! I LOVE them!

                      '50 Champion, 1 family owner


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                        Welcome to the forum and SDC. You'll find a world of help with your '51. Good luck with it.
                        I owned a 1950 4 door Champion for over 30 years and loved the car.
                        Would love to have another bullet nose.

                        Gary Sanders
                        Nixa, MO
                        President Toy Studebaker Collectors Club. Have an interest in Toy Studebakers? Contact me for details.
                        Gary Sanders
                        Nixa, MO


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                          I've got my Bullet, need the gun.

                          101st Airborne Div. 326 Engineers Ft Campbell Ky.