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Easing into summer with my ‘47 Champion convertible

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  • Easing into summer with my ‘47 Champion convertible

    Finally got my ‘47 Champion convertible out of storage about a month ago. Waited for the Brood X cicadas to finally go back underground for another 17 year hiatus.

    She started right up after 8-1/2 months!

    Great little driver. She has a “socially distanced paint job” (looks good from over 6 ft away).
    mbhdesign -

    Michael Hennessey
    Proud Owner
    1947 Studebaker Champion Regal Deluxe Convertible

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    Too much fun! I miss my 'vert.
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      Looking Good! The paint will look great to people that see you out driving. Happy driving.


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        Very NEAT !
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          That must be a really fun driver. I often wish the top would go down on my '55 President on nice sunny days. Enjoy!
          Ed Sallia
          Dundee, OR

          Sol Lucet Omnibus


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            Good looking Studebaker Michael. Enjoy it…Mike
            Mike - Assistant Editor, Turning Wheels
            Fort Worth, TX

            1964 Avanti R2 #R-4986