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Spotted a nice 50 Commander today

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  • Spotted a nice 50 Commander today

    Driving home today and spotted this 1950 beige Commander at a service station in Farmington Hills, Mi. Talked to Mike, the new owner, who stated he couldn't get the brake drums off and was paying for inspection and adjustment, left rear was hanging up. I offered to pull the drums and inspect his brakes, but he declined. Too Bad. Really sharp car with a big 6, he said everything worked and he had just won a trophy at a local car show.

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    I am finding that a lot of shops now days do not have some of the common tools we used to have to work on these cars. I had to provide my own drum puller the last time I had my brakes done.
    Ed Sallia
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      Nice looking car, especially the interior.

      I hope the shop does not destroy the rear drums.

      The new car owner probably did not recognize the wisdom and experience of a seasoned Studebaker owner offering him help.

      As an example:

      I was installing a radio in a friend's 48 Champion convertible in his driveway. He had some "professional" mechanics doing the brakes. They were using a drum puller instead of a hub puller. The conversation went something like this.
      -me: those guys are using the wrong tool and will wreck the drums
      -my friend: Oh, no, no, that won't happen
      -me: After these guys destroy the drums, and you find replacement drums/hubs, if you want the job done right, call me.
      -my friend: Oh, no, no, that won't happen. Everything will be fine

      About a month later, my friend called me. He had replacement drums in hand. I went to his house and did the brake job correctly. I cannot imagine how the "professionals" would have dealt with the self adjuster system. He drove that car all over California and northern Nevada for several years before selling it.

      Many folks seem to think that all professional mechanics are always better than any amateur/home mechanics.

      Sadly, it's just not so.
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        I gave him my phone number. He said the shop's "drum " puller didn't fit the bolt pattern and they were waiting for the tool truck to arrive. Hopefully he call and arrange time to come over, look at my car, compare stories and get his brakes working properly. He said his brake hung up after he used the parking brake, it should be an easy fix and free!!


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          Follow the shop manual on parking brake adjustment and maybe the left rear drum may not need to be pulled.

          Bob Miles
          Adjusted my 56 with the manual.


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            Great effort on your part Jerry to assist a new Studebaker owner…Mike
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              That is a super sharp 50. The interior is spot on.
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                Young(under 50) mechanics generate lots of sales for rear drums and sometimes I get sold out on certain ones. They just do not have a clue about tapered axles.
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