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Help to identify 1928? Studebaker in New Zealand.

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  • Help to identify 1928? Studebaker in New Zealand.

    Hello I have recently bought the remains of a what I think was a 1928
    President sedan> I have a rolling chassis ,engine, gearbox, diff and
    fire wall and fenders etc. but no body I think the body was a sedan
    which was cut off at the windscreen posts long ago. this was
    recovered from a barn in a farm in New Zealand June 2021.

    I would like to identify the body ;
    Firewall Id plate : FH W 4

    Engine number stamped into rear of Block just above the Starter motor;
    H 6 ll or 11 9 H as it seems this plate with numbers are upside down

    This is a right hand drive model with one fender well in right hand
    front fender. It has dual coil ignition. and president small brass
    badge on dash above the gauges.

    Can any members help out with accurate Identification.
    I intend to make a roadster out of this vehicle by building my own
    body beyond the firewall,
    Thanks for your interest and greetings from NEW ZEALAND.
    Don Windley

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    We would love to see pictures !!


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      FH would be a '29 or '30 President 8 125 Series, and I believe W4 would be either Regal or Custom 4-door sedan with dual side mount spare tires.
      Vehicles shipped to, and assembled down under may have some variation. Since it is RHC I would assume that to be the case.

      Since you anticipate custom building the body, consider being influenced by Jacques Saoutchik; who influenced automobile design from 1905 in to the early '50s.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Jacques-Saoutchik-05.jpg Views:	0 Size:	58.2 KB ID:	1902724
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        Mr. Saoutchik had quite a flare for beautiful flowing curves. As for the 1929 or 30 that you found, it sounds like an interesting project. I'm guessing that there can't be too many of them left, so a bit of a challenge to put back together. Good Luck with it!


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          Hello my American freinds. Ive attached two photos of the start of the project. I have cleaned and repainted all running gear and the engine and made new baffle plate for the water manifold, Thankyou for your replies and help in identifying this model of President.
          Regards from New Zealand
          Don Windley


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            hello Don , A nice car you have , there is a guy who lives in the Napier area who has a similar model , he may be be able to help as he knows a bit about early Presidents in New Zealand . Douglas Bixley is his name and he used to be in the Studebaker club of New zealand , look him up on the net , cheers from roger