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63 Lark - 4th owner(s) new to us

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  • 63 Lark - 4th owner(s) new to us


    I haven't officially signed the title(we own the car now), but the car is in my possession, I think that counts, right? I'm excited to be here and learn more about this car.
    I wanted to buy it from him 7 years ago when I drove it home from storage for the guy. He wasn't ready to sell it. Then I heard the story and didn't pursue it anymore. Didn't think the day would come.

    1st owner- had it from New to early 90's
    2nd owner- Used it to and from his hangar, He ended up passing away in plane accident.
    3rd owner was his business partner and got the car in 2006 after the accident. Mainly used it for car shows. Has a loving memory sticker in the rear quarter window glass. Probably going to keep that there.
    ​​​4th owner, my sister and I, we went halfsies. This is my 3rd running car and would be her 2nd. So joint custody won't be a terrible thing for me.. And yes, only to be driven in the non salty summer season.

    4 door,
    3 speed auto
    been told it was the 289 v8... Nope, 259 #V588417
    56k miles
    Dana? 27 with 3.07 ratio

    Things about the car...

    Leaks oil...(tightened about 15 some bolts around the engine that i could reach with ease, hope that helped)

    leaks transmission oil from the output shaft

    Top of radiator is leaking(probably going the CJ chevy conversion)

    Trunk shuts hard

    Hood latch is hard to pull open, takes 2 good yanks to get it to pop..(fixed, pulled it out of the car, cleaned and lubed, opens like a "normal" now)

    Drivers door needs a latch adjustment

    heater core leaked, disconnected, so no heat

    He couldn't get the rear drums off to check them, so might need a whole new axe, the nut was stuck on, didn't want to add heat and melt seals and create more of a mess(i don't know the solution to that issue)

    Minor dents(minor enough to enjoy the car still)

    Glass has a chip/crack in it..

    Brakes are what I remembered, non existent...(Driving the car more, the brakes are there, just need to actually push the pedal down)

    instrument panel light is out(turns out they only come on when you have the parking or headlight switch on. Only works in the fully on position, is there a low setting?)

    All transistor Radio is nothing but static, sounds like a feed back of some sort.(we got a station to come in for a little bit, for 8 minutes then lost it)
    The I'm not sure electric antenna looks stuck half way up?

    Vanity mirror in the glove box fell off...

    Has a bad shake at 65+, hopefully just new tires or needs balancing.. (new tires on the way) car already had an old set of 205/75/r15, he owned it for 15 years and never put tires on it.. (new tires helped a little, can do 70 before the shaking get going bad enough to make you wonder)(hunting for tie rods, suspension components now)(new control arm bushings, shocks, springs, sway arm bushing on the way)

    That's all I got for now...

    Hope to dig into these forums and find modern solutions to old problems. Like disc brakes so my sister can stop at stop signs, lol(did more research, dropping the disc brake idea, won't fit original rims, and I like the hub caps, might add a power brake booster, need to look into that more)

    Engine oil - 5 qts - Valvoline VR-1
    Wix oil filter - 51049
    Spark plugs - NGK B6-L(champion H-14Y original)
    Air filter - Napa 2111, O'Reilly 42111
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    More photos...


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      Just a comment about the rear brake drums. Removal with the proper tooling can be difficult, almost impossible without the proper tooling.


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        As Doug indicated, trying to remove the rear drums without the correct puller can severely damage the drums you have. Be sure to use a "HUB PULLER", not a drum puller. And be certain to back off the brake adjusters and E-brake.
        And when you put them back together, be certain the spindles and key are clean and dry. Do not put any lubricant or anti-seize between the hub and the spindle.
        Do yourself a big favor and procure especially the Shop Manual, Chassis Parts Catalog and Body Parts Catalog from one of our Studebaker vendors, or they often show up on Ebay.
        Here's the correct "hub puller."
        Click image for larger version

Name:	hub puller.jpg
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ID:	1902670

        And I can't emphasize often enough, It is better to have a car that will not run, than a car that will not stop. Fully refurbish the brakes before you try to take it beyond the driveway.

        Here's a good article from our web site for those who have just come in to their "new" Studebaker.
        "All attempts to 'rise above the issue' are simply an excuse to avoid it profitably." --Dick Gregory

        Brad Johnson, SDC since 1975, ASC since 1990
        Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
        '33 Rockne 10,
        '51 Commander Starlight,
        '53 Commander Starlight "Désirée",
        '56 Sky Hawk


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          Congratulations, You got a real nice one there


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            Thanks for the info, thats my favorite thing about forums for cars.

            Not sure what he was trying to use for a puller, but I will see what I can find. There car will stop, actually pretty well the harder you press on the pedal. Been used to soft press of modern cars.

            I haven't cracked open the shop manual yet, looks about 2000 pages, one sitting in the trunk...


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              Rear end identified,
              Dana 27 with 3.07 final ratio
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                The dash ( they can crack so bad) and interior look great. Nice find!


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                  Car was born on June 13th 1963

                  still original engine.. so thats neat..
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                    Your Car is still near new with just 56k miles. The Dash looks factory new, too. This car is a true "garage queen". I hope to see it in Indy, IN in September.


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                      Nice, original car - delight to drive with the auto and 3.07. Someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I think the Seaspray Green was not a very widely picked color for '63.