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    Originally posted by Bullet View Post
    Is there an interior picture of the roof closed? Just curious to what the headliner and roof looks like in the closed position.


    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks Matt! That looks better than I expected. Sure a nice looking car! I had 63S-1001 and just loved it. I like the 6cylinders. More peppy than they are given credit for. Even with an automatic like mine had.



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        For those that made bets, it’s time to cash in.

        I’ve driven the Lark about 500 miles since “finishing” it. And as much as I’ve enjoyed it, I really like the tinkering aspect of the old car hobby more than simply owning and driving. There is nothing left for me to do on this car, so it needs to go to someone that wants to fill it up with gas and go.

        There are still a lot of Studebakers out there that I have yet to play with. And I can’t move onto the next one without letting go of one first.

        The Lark has been accepted by Bring A Trailer. It’s a nice enough car that they didn’t reject me putting a reserve on it. They’re backed up so it’ll likely go “live” in about a month.

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          Hope it does well at auction, and I'm looking forward to your next "project". Do you still have the M5 to work on in the meantime?


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            mbstude you can now bid on that Land Cruiser since you'll be losing this one soon 😃


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              Originally posted by J_Cole View Post
              mbstude you can now bid on that Land Cruiser since you'll be losing this one soon 😃
              There's a lot of cars I want to buy, lol. A good friend offered up a decent Golden Hawk, and that's certainly a possibility.. But I'm actually leaning towards focusing on the '58 President and getting it on the road, before I buy anything else. We'll see how impulsive I get after the Lark sells, though.

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                mbstude I forgot to mention that is one sharp looking Lark. It's super clean. But I know that feeling all too well!!! I want an R2 Avanti, then a Golden Hawk, and then a Viper and and and and. But like you, my initial goal is to get my yellow 54 as nice as I can make it.


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                  Just wondering if the tiny European Style Parking/Side Marker Lights on the Front Fenders that were there when you bought it are wired to Parking/Head or Turn Signals or Both?

                  I would have put them below the Fender Moulding for sure, either behind the wheelwell or under the "Lark" letters, but it IS what it is.

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                    Rich, the little fender lights are wired into the turn signals.

                    When my friend had the car stripped and painted some 15 years ago, I gave him a really hard time about not having the holes for the lights and fender mounted mirrors filled in. Why he chose to leave those parts in place when the rest of the car is so clean and untouched… Something I’ve never been able to comprehend. We all do weird stuff sometimes, I guess.

                    I thought about having having the holes welded up and the tops of the fenders repainted, but felt that the risk of not being able to match the metallic paint wasn’t worth it. Mismatched paint would look even worse and I didn’t want to get into repainting the whole car.


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                      you can take them off and leave the holes and get used to that holy feeling