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  • ‘63 Lark

    Since selling the ‘41 Commander, ‘63 Hawk, and a couple of other project cars, I decided I wanted a nice driver Lark to go along with the ‘58 President. After scouring around for about a month, I settled on this one.

    A good friend here in Florida found the car in New Jersey 25 years ago, with 18K miles on it. He had it shipped down to Florida and was using it as a daily driver. Somewhere along the line, someone backed into the passenger side door.

    He bought a new door and got carried away and ended up restoring the whole car. Bare metal repaint, new interior, added overdrive and air conditioning.

    With 26K miles on the odometer, he asked me to sell it for him. I composed an eBay listing and Nick Dynis won the auction. He and his wife rode in together and Nick drove the Lark home to Texas.

    Six years later and the odometer reading is up to 35K miles. While searching around for the right Lark to buy, I inquired with Nick about this one. I already knew everything about the car and knew that Nick had taken good care of it. Everything fell into place, and the transport company delivered it here yesterday evening.

    While I would’ve preferred a V8, the thing drives so nice, I can overlook the OHV 6. I finally figured out that not every car needs to be a hot rod.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	F27001A3-5BD3-4B8B-ACA5-3AF5464DB1E2.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	172.3 KB ID:	1898266

    Click image for larger version  Name:	13AF0631-0745-454D-A0D1-8BCE1E51DD85.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	140.0 KB ID:	1898267
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    Great looking car. Are you sure that you won't be dropping a V8 into it in the future? LOL


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      The thought has crossed my mind.. It wouldn’t be a big deal to put together a fresh 259”. But as long as the Crackhead Six does its job, I’ll leave it alone.


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        Nice looking Lark Matt, it looks like the Former, former owner did a great job upgrading the "Regal" Interior, the added Carpeting looks great and all of it is a very close match for the Maroon Dash.

        This is a good example of how "Some" Cars look Great with properly placed Front Bumper Guards, contrary to a fairly large number of Naysayers!

        Hey, is my Residual Fee check in the Mail for the use of my Copyrighted word: ... "Crackhead Six"?
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          The after-market air conditioner unit may look better if it were painted to match the dash color (or perhaps if it matched the exterior color), as it currently draws my attention away from that beautiful dash pad. Not meant to be a criticism, just a 2-cent comment.
          I seem to recall the top photo from when you placed the car on Ebay, it looks great.
          In the middle of MinneSTUDEa.


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            The car was due for a fresh set of tires. Since the wheels needed to be repainted, I decided to go a different route.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	FC607B94-A161-4681-832F-CA0A8E2D9417.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	89.6 KB ID:	1898354

            Click image for larger version  Name:	2046C289-30CC-4871-A2E2-D0446FB85400.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	75.5 KB ID:	1898353
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              Damn, that is nice, Matt. I wish Barney looked half that good.

              Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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                It sure looks nice when all the sheet metal lines up


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                  Congrats Matt, nice looking car. Didnt know you sold your 41 Commander. That is a beautiful car.


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                    Yesterday after work, I pulled out the squishy original front springs and installed a pair of the Moog CC655’s that Jim Pepper recommends. That brought the front end height up about an inch and took away every bit of the “drives like a boat” feeling. It handles better than it ever has.

                    I’m going to install a new set of rear springs this weekend. May as well do it all at once.

                    Also planning to do a V8 drum brake swap.

                    I swapped out the floor mats for black ones, and put in a full horn ring. There’s so little to do on this car, I’m just making things up.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	E1C54C96-7604-4072-BCCC-046B00909021.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	158.0 KB ID:	1898528
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                      Love the look of the new wheels and tires Matt! Can you provide the wheel size (width and backspace)?
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                        Here ya go Paul.



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                          Thank you Matt!
                          Winston-Salem, NC
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                            nice, did they come with mirror on the fenders stock? what size are the new tires? and were the old rims the notorious 4.5 inches wide?


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                              Mirrors did not come as Standard equipment on Most 1950's and '60's Cars, and on NO Studebaker's except 1955 President Speedsters.
                              If you bought them, you put them where you wanted.

                              It would appear that at THAT distance, from the Driver the view would be poor at best of a very small area.

                              Originally posted by mw2013 View Post
                              they look racy
                              Maybe that's why so many Avantis have them mounted that way!

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	63 R1 MaroonC1.jpg
Views:	830
Size:	55.9 KB
ID:	1898779

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