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1st cruise-in - Greensboro

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  • 1st cruise-in - Greensboro

    First show for us post-mask mandate and the weather cooperated nicely.

    I hadn’t really given the Lark a proper stretch after new brakes, tires, clutch, resealing the engine, etc., so the likelihood of failure was high. . Happy to report, all rock-solid.

    One other Studebaker here, a street rod 2R5 sitting on a ‘74 Caprice chassis, very nicely done.


    A local (his name is Thomas) has his 83 year-old Dad’s original Lark VIII 4-door, manual trans that he was thinking of selling. True barn storage. Thinks it’s a 59, 60 or 61? No other details, but the story seems good. His dad worked for the Studebaker dealer here in Greensboro at the time.

    PM me for his cell number if interested.

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    This Thomas sent me a few pics from the barn. Pretty rough is my first take. It’s a 1960.

    Has clean NC title in his dads name, from 1962!

    3-spd non-OD, comes with good spare V8 as the orig went bad. Apparently has a “Hawk overdrive” rear end, but is not an OD car.

    Was this floor shift (visible) ever an option for ‘60.?


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      Very nice looking Lark Dave. Great to get them out and enjoy them...Mike
      Mike - Assistant Editor, Turning Wheels
      Fort Worth, TX

      1964 Avanti R2 #R-4986


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        Originally posted by NCDave51 View Post
        /Cut/Was this floor shift (visible) ever an option for ‘60.?
        I can't say THAT Floorshift might have been an Option on Taxis.
        But A Floorshift was, just Not for normal Civilian, non-Commercial use, without a quite "Special Order".
        Second Generation Stude Driver,
        Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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          Thx Rich.

          I’m hoping to get a look at it next weekend and give his dad a better estimate of worth. It’s likely a good parts car-with-engine removed scenario.

          Barn roof is one storm away from total collapse.


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            Was able to see the Lark in person this afternoon.

            Will move this thread to the For Sale sub-forum. Thx.