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My just bought 62' Gran Turismo Hawk.

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  • My just bought 62' Gran Turismo Hawk.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	aCfZ9mJudCOzNq6j5WzmEu30sKlwVEDbvCBTvehb3hr-BH4bSG46CIXt8_3vDks6MMhat3zDcupEpgq00ERMC2MfTKd8m2aCAfEv7X4w6mdkxRhRiF9FiJOjJVb940kc-Yu2JFbz_gwbL4zADdCCLdoAbVlUrFXQq7_pKefUDSYHL_Z_VYhYjrwSXUgRtu6cqJdRdwVTCw3d03AGiFstWkIHU2taq_BHBzQexw2PkFp1fuptpvn9HRLwoZwkQyB Views:	11 Size:	120.5 KB ID:	1893086
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    Very nice!
    Winston-Salem, NC
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      The lower paint seems to be original and the top painted black in 85'. Going to try to rub it out as best I can. The interior does need some repair but not much.Click image for larger version

Name:	4UG98c4InBzb9xpUs-sTzCVZaWjNxztEWwd0IRcSDp-GwWR69bUh6K8CELSwTneSCnl481U8NuJDLLyzox8STgmGWFIqo1Je1xcFCK6I1_bNb3HDS_7D4oTCX1FYkjFQ8qS1HP67cdpDvffnifR2ukTQCUQiRsHLPN35mvXLKCuiXZrXuFXF2F8rYyQZ2XYn3w1WU_LvTvqCpb89z9g9fpG8rmEuvrrXWu6CeXYCCTpp_jAZLd0pYNefJ4xZKbQ
Views:	248
Size:	97.1 KB
ID:	1893096


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        Looks to be an excellent first Studebaker


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          That's pretty!!


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            Welcome to the SDC, and to the SDC Forum Don!

            Nice looking Hawk, the only issue with that re-Upholstery Job appears to be the "Wave" Springs are sagging and or there is not enough Padding in the Driver's Seat Bottom, the rest does look good.
            Maybe there was an owner in this Car's past that was well over 200 Lbs.

            Oh! Your "Bird" is missing!

            The Hawk in the Horn Button.
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              Thanks for the welcome Rich! Actually the driver's seat has just separated at the seams. I am going to have my upholstery guys check it out when he comes to install the headliner in my 55' Bel Air. Also the dash vinyl has cracked. I guess I don't get what you mean by the "Bird".


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                Very nice GT Hawk!

                Enjoy the journey and enjoy the questions at a stoplight. Smile - you now own a fine Studebaker.


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                  Congratulations - yours appears to be similar to mine in every way, except for the top and interior, which are both gray on mine.

                  It may be the light in the photo, but the gray appears to be a bit darker than the original. Mine was repainted in the "closest" in the 80s and appears to match yours. IMO, the color in your photo looks better than the lighter silver I am accustomed to seeing.

                  As Dave says, enjoy the questions from the curious and brace yourself from the assertions from the (not so) "knowledgeable".*

                  *Enjoy your "Gran Torino"!
                  62 GT


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                    I would say the missing bird is the one in the middle of the horn button.



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                      Thanks Mark. I will look at that.



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                        I just checked and the "Bird" is there under the plastic on the horn button. That said, I found this pictured item in the canter console and don't know where it might go. Any help?
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	AZ7GFUeonKi5Mg34tw9gerwCAtH7AnEsozIc0UAN1tiBuaQh0QSJlEQmAvEAXUK3xb4P2mKT6foBT67m0Sjg8iECYWUJaTfl7NBvH1YGRai6kttst3RYmwXc4ABbGKOgvXzNa0gGTzJZOTSntIViHcV1Xpa5HfjgY9Cbb4RXtYUsIVUS2wRK82jmVjkR9PG92O3kiyA1wmUkhhhy53HqWz94XajPj6QcOoSZMEqcYvK2qtwOXEDqHjE40ajP_MY
Views:	216
Size:	56.9 KB
ID:	1893217


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                          I think I found it! Saw this picture in a listing for a 59' Studebaker Scotsman Pickup for sale.
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Studebaker Scotsman.jpg
Views:	212
Size:	49.5 KB
ID:	1893711


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                            Similar shape, but the hood “S” you’ve shown is much thicker.


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                              You are absolutely correct Dave. I didn't catch that.