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    Looks like the 5-speed OD trans. Has a power take-off on the lower rite rear of the housing Click image for larger version

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      6.48 is the high ratio. The low one will be 8.48. Both ratios should be noted on the axle assembly itself. I believe all of the 5-speed transmissions had provision for a PTO.

      One nice thing about working on these big trucks is you don't have to jack them up to work on the underside.
      Skip Lackie


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        I don't see a PTO on the 5-speed direct, now I am fighting the lug nuts on the right rear, I guess I need more heat.


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          Originally posted by jetboat View Post
          What I like is to keep as close to factory as I can. Originality is my preference. ROUGH means, cab corners,floors,sils,and windshield header is rusted. It is a 5-speed but this is my first truck so I am in the dark on something's. I believe it says E. 28 on the tag.
          That's an awesome truck! Zane L. in Salem has an 8E40.

          I would purchase a copy of the Production Order from the SNM if you haven't already done so.



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            We have talked,and I have the PO


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              Here are the motor # off the 63 E28 ,S308- PCC404, I assume it is a heavy duty 289. Click image for larger version

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                It's a 289 that started out life in a Canadian Lark-type or Hawk, built March 4 1964. It's a standard-duty 289, not heavy duty. Unsure what the S308 means.
                Skip Lackie