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1955 Champion hardtop (16G6-K5)

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    Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
    As long as it has been in your Family, was it always Brown?
    I don't recall that being a Factory Color, so it must have been repainted a very long time ago.
    No - there was no shade of brown offered in '55 - not wild enough of a color! There is a little paint peel under the hood and on some of the wheels - think the bottom color was originally Pima Red.

    As far as clean goes, going to get it on a trailer tomorrow and bring it back north to its old home. Before heading back, it is going to get a good wash down and leave that dust/dirt right where it belongs. Never like running water directly on these old machines, but the 1.5 hour drive back will give it a good time to dry everything out.
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      With the help of my brother, nephew, bothers friend and his son, got the car loaded up on the trailer and pointed north. Got a little excited getting the old dirt off, so the before photos are after the one side of the car was mostly done.

      Emptied the trunk of everything except the spare, because as people always say, those things leaked when they were new.

      Clearing of the dirt/dust revealed that although under cover, the cars outside surfaces have taken a beating. Every piece of pot metal is pitted to various degrees. Where the cream paint was thin, surface rust is starting to appear. Bumpers show some surface rust. Going to have to do a deep clean to see just how bad things have gotten.


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        Sounds like you found some bad news. It actually looks pretty good in the photos. Hope that you are able to bring it back to life. I had some of the pitted, pot metal trim restored for my Hawk. They drill each pit out, and silver solder the hole, then replate with copper, nickel, and chrome. Pretty labor intensive.


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          Took advantage of some beautiful spring weather and spent some time after work today with some chrome polish - old girl still has some shine left in her. But those side grills - wow - and C/K specific - doh . . .


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            This fine bronze wool works great on chrome and stainless trim and won't scratch like steel wool can. Use with Mothers chrome cleaner or your favorite. A nice resurrection just in time for Easter.


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              Production order came through today on the car.

              Put together on December 30, 1954 and shipped on January 4th. Destination was Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania - swanky suburb on Philadelphia's west side. Colors were indeed Pima Red and Sonora Beige.

              Came from the factory with white side wall tires, overdrive, climitizer, directional signals and wheel discs - that was it.


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                In wanting to keep the car as original as possible (the radio is getting pulled out when the time comes), I saved up, took a deep breath, and pulled the lever on a set of original tires. Firestone 6.40X15 with a 2 & 3/4 inch white wall.

                I checked with Coker about four of these back in April after getting the car out of storage. They estimated delivery to the local Summit Racing store (less than an hour away) would be in August. I ordered them and was surprised three weeks later with an email saying they were ready for pickup. Free shipping if you pick them up "in store."

                Mounted them on a set of early 15" wheels and the guy at the tire store put the weights on the back without being asked. He also had a quick lesson for some of the younger guys working in his shop about how you never allow the white part of the tire come into contact with the black part of another tire, ie., leaning them against another tire in a tire store! Going to need a couple cleanings to get ALL the blue dye off, but they look good with just one go around.

                My cousin took the car to a local car enthusiast who saw it and wanted a chance to get things shined up - can't wait to see how it looks.
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                  This is a really cool thread.. Bringing back a Stude from a scenario like this one is one of my favorite things to do. Keep us posted.


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                    Local car guy has stepped up and volunteered to clean the car up before all the mechanical things can be addressed. He has numerous vehicles and really knows what need to be done.

                    Engine compartment is going to clean up well.

                    And the seats are still in good enough condition to continue to carry passengers for the foreseeable future.