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'61 Hawk

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  • '61 Hawk

    I bought my first Studebaker in doesn't run yet, but I like it.

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    It's a beaut, looks very straight & complete,

    regards, Cus


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      Nice car, 61 is on my bucket list .


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        You will have the Only one in those two colors for sure.
        Second Generation Stude Driver,
        Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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          Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
          You will have the Only one in those two colors for sure.
          Looking at the floorboard, and behind the door panels, the original paint seems to be "Green Jade" based on what the internet shows for '61 paint options. It still has it's original green interior, but unfortunately the interior is in terrible shape. It's got a bunch of 1985 NJ lottery tickets in the glove box, and nothing dated after 1985. I was told it had been sitting in various garages for decades. I'm thinking it hasn't seen the road since '85. I figure the paint job on the car right now is from the late 70s, or early 80s, and it's a much darker shade of green than original. As far as that second tone on the fin and truck lid, that's obviously not a correct shade, but it grabs me, I like the combination, so I'll leave the paint alone, and cross my fingers that it doesn't fly right off the car, as soon as I start driving it.