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my 1952 2R10

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  • my 1952 2R10

    This truck has a 1969 chevy 250 I6 engine with a 4 speed, 200 mercury mountaineer rear with 3.73 locker and disc brakes, disc in the front next spring. In the spring I will be getting it road worthy with an aluminum radiator, heater,windshield, new brakes all around, then it will become my DAILY DRIVER!![img]<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>[/img]

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    cant get the picture posting to work...dont know why


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      Once you get a pic onto Photobucket, you just have to copy the "IMG Code" (appears below the picture) and paste it into your post. The picture will "magically" appear.

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        Hey, rod...

        Here's the pic:

        ...and here's the coding required to post it


        [u]almost</u>. Just change the number 1 in [1mg] and [/1mg] to a lower-case i and you're good to go.

        Check out this sticky for details: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...TOPIC_ID=15011

        Thanks for sharing and welcome aboard!

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          thank you for posting it, there is something wrong with my photobucket...the codes only show up when I put my cursor over the picture and disappear so I cant copy and past them. I dont know what is going on with it but will have to figure it out. thanks again!


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            Click on the picture. It will go to the next page on the right you will see the place to get your picture. They have changed it they can't leave well enough alone.

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