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  • More 50 Commander part 4

    With the interior finished it was time to work on the trunk and the fuel “fill system”.
    Warning: long post (as usual)

    [see trunk1.jpg]

    The Previous Owner (PO - ya that guy) used a stick down carpet kit not only in the car but all through the trunk. He used a thin blue padding (thinking yoga mat) and it all had to go. When all of the carpet, padding, and a wooden box covering the fill tube this is what we saw.

    [see trunk2.jpg]

    Based on the paperwork provided with the car the PO installed a fuel cell from Summit Racing. This “tank” has a top fill nozzle and a hole was cut in the trunk floor to allow for this. Now he had the problem of getting the fuel from the fuel door to the middle of the trunk. As you can see in the above this was done with a fill tube + flex hose + PVC elbow + rubber hose (found cracked) + a hand full of hose clamps + a surprise (see below) + and of course two part epoxy (the PO’s favorite fabrication media). The fuel vent was tapped into the fill tube about ½ inch from the end and had to be routed up so that it was higher than the tube and not splash. One issue was the fuel would need to be put in very slowly or it would back up.

    Also in the above you can see the original, very nasty, trunk liner (pad/soundproofing??). We tore (read as scrapped with a chisel) this away and as predicted we found a small hole that had rusted through. We used a huge amount of elbow grease + rust dissolver + rust converting primer + fabricated a patch (go go Harbor Freight metal brake) to “repair” the area. A second patch to cover the original fuel access hole and third to cover the fuel fill hole (with a small slot - more on this below) All of this so we could paint the wheel wells, side walls, and spare tire well in black.

    Now we had already decided to do the Hot Rod thing and omit the fuel fill tube and simply open the trunk to put fuel in. It was this or change the tank (not fiscally responsible) or recreate the way the PO worked through the problem (shudder). We found a new fuel cap (not a cap) on Amazon which is actually for a boat.

    [see trunk5.jpg]

    The problem here is the vent. How do add a vent that is higher than the fill tube and NOT vent into the trunk/car. This was done by adding a thru-wall fitting into the new rubber hose attached to the tank fill nozzle. Into this fitting we threaded a ¼” elbow with a compression fitting on the other end. To this elbow we attached a ¼” copper tubing that ultimately runs to the original fill tube hole (through the slot in the patch) and extends up so that it is higher than the new “cap”. You can see a bit of this tubing in the next picture.

    [see trunk3.jpg]

    The fittings described above looked a little to “Steam Punk” and were not protected at all. While we continued to look for a real solution we had to do something. We leave it to you to deduce our temporary solution.

    We previously purchased a two piece carpet kit and upon arrival HATED it. While we used the supplied padding we put the carpet on the shelf. This was then repurposed for the trunk. You can see in the above that the two pieces are different shades of grey which as part of our decision to not use it in the car.

    The surprise:

    [see trunk4.jpg]

    This is a portable gas can fill nozzle and was found INSIDE of the PO’s fill tube. This is obviously the reason the gas had to be put in oh so slowly. (really - how did this happen?) From the outside (pre demo) we thought it was the expansible (semi corrugated) hose. Obviously we did not incorporate this "feature" into the new design.
    DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
    1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)

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    We were tempted to post this as a "Stupid Project" but its really not, and also NOT original specs.
    I think the pictures say it all. (view in numerical order).
    We did a lot of CAD work (Cardboard Added Design - see picture 2) before we cut our first piece of wood.

    Things added:
    • 3" Bluetooth speakers (mounted up high on the sides) and powered from a console switch. This allows us to connect and use our phones for "radio", navigation, and so on.
      • Just to show MY age, we tested these via Van Halen.
    • Front and Back dash cameras powered from console switch.
    • Map light rewired to console switch (original does not work and had a small switch running the light)
    • Safety/Neutral Reverse switch added to the shifter. We had the light but it was not wired in because there was no reverse switch on the Camaro shifter.
    • Small "cubby hole" for stuff and things.
    • Still eyeballing a couple options for cup holders.

    Picture 1 is the shifter mounted directly on the tunnel by the Previous Owner (you knew I had to bring this guy up...). It worked and looked cool in a very mechanical, industrial, see how it works, kind of way.
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    DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
    1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)


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      Yet another Stupid Project:
      Front Bumper(s) (oh ya, plural)

      OK, we LOVE the front of the 50 Studebaker. The curves, the bullet nose, even the little hood metastases. With that said however the bumper, in our opinion, has always looked like an afterthought.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	bodyfront.JPG
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ID:	1864312
      It just appears to take over the whole front shape of the car. We where temped to run, and have, without the bumper which makes the car look so much better.
      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3978.jpg
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ID:	1864313

      This presents a problem however. In California we have to have a front bumper and at some point we need to have the Chevybaker in front of a California Highway Patrol officer who can verify the year of the vehicle (DMV thinks its a '48) So what to do? Do we put the original bumper back on? Nope:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3997.jpg
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ID:	1864314

      Introducing our newly fabricated push bar style bumpers. We will need to attach the front license plate for the DMS check but that will most likely be a temporary ordeal.
      DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
      1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)


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        When you ask your daughter to borrow her black fingernail polish - you better have a GOOD reason!

        Click image for larger version

Name:	prepaint.jpg
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	postpaint.jpg
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        DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
        1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)