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    Continuing from the "More 50 Commander" thread...

    OK, it's been awhile since the last update but we wanted to wait until it was something noteworthy and we think we have hit that mark. First however are a few more “stupid projects”.

    Radio Grill. The Previous Owner (we truly are running out of things to blame on him) painted the grill black. We don't know why this happened and we are sure there were reasons. It had some bent bits at the top and because there was nothing to plug the oval hole you could see right through to the wiring under the dash.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3517.jpg
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    For a whole 27 dollars American ($10 plus shipping) I was able to get a replacement in rather good condition. (Thank you Ebay)

    Click image for larger version

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    The oval hole (radio speaker hole) was covered with a small piece of vinyl (left over from a poker table build) and 8 little clips. The small “puckering” (could be a word) is unnoticeable through the grill.

    Click image for larger version

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    DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
    1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)

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    Glove box lock. As you may have seen in a previous update we built our own glove box as the original crumbled when we touched it. Well, the lock has always been an issue. You see - the Previous Owner (We really are running out of stuff to blame) used two part epoxy to glue in a lock, not THE lock but “A” lock. The lock had a tab mounted on the back end and if you did turn it it would hold the door closed.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	GloveBox1.JPG
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    Notice we did not say it would “Lock”. If you put anything in the key way it would turn the cylinder and the door would open. With some help from the Studebaker Vendors page we found an original lock cylinder and installed the same.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3738.jpg
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    Not really a “project” as a bolt on solution but we did have to do a “little” work getting the old one out we we think this counts. We continue to debate if we will attempt to restore the glove box door. Yes we hear you, “You had the door almost off when you removed the radio grill!” Well, yeah - you’re right. We overlooked it then and may “redo” the effort in the future.
    DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
    1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)


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      In most (All??) of our 50 Commander posts we have made reference to the Previous Owner and some may think we are being mean spirited. We are NOT. The Previous Owner is a very nice gentleman named Warren who I instantly liked upon meeting him. Warren, in our opinion, did the heroic feat getting the ChevyBaker out of a field and with some ingenuity, a bit of money, and a lot of talent was able to get her back on the road. Several of the choices he made may not have been the best in the long run but I may have made them myself if I were in his position.

      We thank Warren for all the work/time he put into the car. It is because of his work we are able to take over and continue the restoration/modifications (AKA restomod).
      DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
      1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)


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        We have been prepping the Chevybaker for some time. The mechanics were first and now we move on to some of the cosmetics. Honestly the interior was pretty bad and if we wanted girls to ride in the car we had to make some corrections.

        Before August 3rd: We had two references for upholstery. The first was from a mobile mechanic (who worked on our brakes) and the second was from guys at the office who raved about a particular place. We choose the 2nd place because the “guys at the office” are true “car guys” whose projects make ours look childish. With the help of a bilingual friend (my Spanish maxes out after I order drinks) we were able to relay our needs, get a quote, and schedule delivery of the ChevyBaker for August 3rd.

        August 3rd: All of the prep work was done on our end. Everything was bagged and tagged. Anything that needed cleaning was cleaned. All of the sound/heat shielding was installed, and with 2 hours until delivery we asked our friend to call the shop and confirm. She reported back that the guy (shop owner) was going on vacation starting on the 4th and would be gone for two weeks. She explained that we had an agreement and that “hands were shook.” (remember when we shook hands). Nope - going on vacation.

        So, in the afternoon of the 3rd we went for the original reference. We discussed options, pricing, and availability as before. The quote was $500 less than the place that bailed on us even after adding a few “features”. The options discussion was highly detailed, the owner seemed very engaged, and they took the car on the next day.

        August 4th: Again with the help of our bilingual friend we dropped off the car. The options were covered again in even higher detail now that we could point to and touch the ChevyBaker. We paid a little upfront to cover materials and they said we would have the car back in 4 weeks.

        Before Pics:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	interior2(1).JPG
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        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3629.jpg
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        One weird thing that came up was the passenger front door. After owning the car for over 2 years we never noticed that the Previous Owner (I know right) incorrectly positioned the chrome trim when he redid the upholstery. We leave it to you Eagle Eyed readers to spot the error.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3685.JPG
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        Long before delivery we, now including our Voice of Reason, discussed what to do. Should we keep it as close to original as possible? Do we put in bucket seats? Do we go simple or wild?

        Ultimately we hit a kind of middle ground. We kept the bench seat but with a small twist (see below). While we liked the idea of buckets there were more negatives than positives. Most of the photos we saw looked “OK” but not great. Expectation: https://forum.studebakerdriversclub....950-commaander

        The list of the things done are:
        • Carpet
        • Carpet on rear deck
        • Kick panels
        • Rear panels (upper and lower at the rear seat)
        • Rear seat
        • Front seat
        • All four door cards
        • Headliner
        • B-pillar upholstery that transitions across all three materials.
        • Installation of front and rear dash cam wiring
        • Windlace trim around doors
        Pictures of new interior to follow. (issues with uploading...)
        DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
        1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)


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          We took a few liberties with the materials and we really like the outcome.

          We now have a car we can drive with reliability and is not embarrassing to sit in - well excluding the color of the car itself. (thanks StudeRich)

          You would think by now that we are finished but there is more to do.
          • Center Console (next??)
            • Custom Raspberry Pi “info-tainment” system
          • Wheels (may wait)
            • May stay with hubcaps
          • Glass (will wait)
          • Paint (may not change)
          DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
          1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)


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            I really like the combination of materials...nice job! cheers, junior
            1954 C5 Hamilton car.


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              We did two or three small, subtle, things that were meant to provide just a tiny bit of detail.

              The most obvious detail is the double row of piping added to the back cushion of the front seat. This gives the appearance (illusion) of a split seat that can fold forward and we think it works quite well.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3821.jpg
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              Secondly the inside of the glove box door. Not a big deal and only noticeable if you happen to open the glove box. Again, its the little things.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3823.jpg
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              And last, and this is a bit of a fail, we decided to have the B-pillar covered with all three materials. The white from the headliner travels down the pillar until it aligns with the herringbone pattern on the doors. It is then herringbone until it meets the level of the black door cards where it then becomes black. All of this so that the herringbone transitions through the B-pillar. BUT.... The #$%^& front seat covers ALL of this. This is the best picture we could get. IF someone did take notice it will be a great detail but most people may not notice it.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_3825.jpg
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              DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
              1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)


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                Removed double post.
                DT Holder - Bakersfield CA, USA
                1950 Commander ("Resto-Mod" in progress)