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The Saturday Night Special ON PICTURE TOUR.

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  • The Saturday Night Special ON PICTURE TOUR.

    Well, I got the Saturday night special going, although not totally complete, It's good to go. I couldn't go to the International meet, soo,, I will go on short picture taking tours each week. This week I went to a cruise in about thirty miles away. It drove beautifully. No issues!! I am thrilled !! I love this 53 . Here's a few pictures.

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    Here I am going out my driveway. Yah I'm happy !!

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    As you might have guessed, it was the only Studebaker. Go ahead and ask me if it got attention

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    An old friend asked me to park by his 66 Fairlane. We had to ask people to stand aside to get picture. This one guy didn't do as we asked. You can tell by his size that we didn't insist that he move!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_0758.JPG Views:	0 Size:	67.3 KB ID:	1842057
    On the way home at night.. TO ME , This is what crusin' is all about

    Til next week.

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    Good for you Tex, I'm glad to see you are finally getting to enjoy the SNS again! Bill


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      You got that black slick! Nice ride! I love my 53 commander! Been riding mine as much as i can too.


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        Tex, that is truly a black beauty. I like your idea of doing a weekly tour to get out and enjoy your car. Love the photos. I will look forward to next week.
        Ed Sallia
        Dundee, OR

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          Made a little short highway speed trip before picture taking this week. Run up at speed for a while (bout 75) and then stopped on a two lane blacktop (Straightaway), Flipped my ignition system on "Strip" and tried it out a little.Here's a couple of shots .

          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0763.JPG
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          Then went crusin for a short while. Ended up in my hometown a few miles away. Decided to take a couple of pictures at the old Ford place where I had my first public job in 1959 as a mechanics helper. Here's one.

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          I worked here about a year and a half and the went to work at a Buick dealership in Montgomery , cause I was old enough to get my license. Then in about nine year I went back to work at the Ford place as service manager at the location they moved from here to. Here's a picture of that location.

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          This also is a former location and they have moved many years ago to another location. Notice the sign of the business that's there now I think that sign aptly fits a 53 Studebaker coupe. Watcha think Ask me if i am staying in Ask me if I am having fun with my new toy Did i mention I love this 53 Til the Saturday Night Special rides again


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            I like it!
            If I had pursued my dream of a 53 coupe before getting a 52, it would have looked much like yours.
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              Looks slick ! Enjoy it all you can !


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                I think you've pegged your fun meter.
                Jerry Forrester
                Forrester's Chrome
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                  A helluva great looking badass Commander !
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